Artificial intelligence and deep learning

Artificial intelligence and deep learning

Most of the time, when you watch a movie based on science fiction, you come across the term artificial intelligence or AI. In those fictional movies, they have elevated the concept to a level that artificial intelligence seems to be running the world. Well, we have not reached there yet where you can see robots running the daily operations such as serving you in a restaurant. Nevertheless, we are not far from there. In fact, artificial intelligence is something that is here with us. You might be using it more often than you ever thought. Deep learning is also another term that is often thrown around as you surf the internet. The two words seem to imply the same thing. Maybe you are confused by the two terms. Here we will help you clarify what they mean.

Artificial intelligence.

What is the first image that comes to your mind when you hear of the term artificial intelligence? As movies have accustomed us to think, we instantly associate artificial intelligence with robots. It is not wrong. It is an excellent way to start understanding what artificial intelligence is.  However, there is a lot more about artificial intelligence that you probably do not know.

Using the idea of robots, we can say that artificial intelligence is a type of computer simulation that trains them to think as we human beings do. A human being, regardless of his/her age, can easily identify someone at first glance. We even learn to associate an image of a person with their name. That is the goal and the idea behind artificial intelligence. An example of where the above idea is applied is when you search for your favorite celebrity. Let us take an example of Cardi B. If you go to the images section, google will provide you with lots of images with Cardi B in it.

Deep learning

Deep learning is a methodology of computer programming for artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is applied in computing using machine learning. Deep learning is a subunit of machine learning that has been applied to so many fields.

Deep learning is a methodology that teaches computers what to do. It is the main idea behind driverless cars, which enables these cars to distinguish between a human being, trees, and pedestal signs. It has been applied in facial recognition apps.

In deep learning, the computer is trained to identity and classify images or text. Deep learning can achieve a high level of accuracy that supersedes humans. However, to achieve such a level of accuracy, there is a price to pay. It needs a large amount of data. For example, if a computer is to classify road signs, it needs millions of images. Additionally, the computer used for this purpose should have a high processing power to complete such tasks. The whole process of training the dataset could take weeks. This time can be reduced by having a computer with high processing power.

In brief, deep learning is a way of implementing artificial intelligence in computers that tries to mimic the way a human being thinks. The method has, however, achieved some success.

R and deep learning.

Using R for deep learning is now possible. R has packages such as Keras and nnet, which are for deep learning. Keras is one of the most used package and its best suited for convolutional neural networks and recurrent neural networks. You can use the nnet package for feed-forward neural networks.

The software can handle large datasets, but this comes with the expense of a reduction in speed. All throughout the resources on the internet, there are tutorials teaching you to conduct deep learning using R.  For training purposes, data should not be a problem because r has some inbuilt data sets, which are meant for training.  It takes time to master using R, but you should be patient with yourself. In case you have any questions, you can contact our online artificial intelligence and deep learning assignment tutors.

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