Bruce Jacobs

Bruce Jacobs

Experience: 6 years

About Bruce Jacobs
B. Sc. in Mathematics and Phd in Statistics from Harvard, 2002

Professional Experience:

He is working as a Senior Statistician at Purdue University. His key responsibilities are to deliver statistics for all assigned projects, to administer junior statisticians for project activities and to maintain statistical reports and research study reports. He also worked as a Quantitative Analyst at a financial company. Responsibilities were to accelerate the quantitative efforts of global investment management teams. Research involved developing return and risk models, optimizers and other analytics to improve present strategies of investment and methodologies of risk control, to incorporate risk control and prevailing market conditions to redefine the construction process of portfolio management, and to respond to numerous quantitative requests from clients and consultants.

Professional Skills

Bruce has strong decision-making, analytical and problem solving skills. He has ample experiences in the financial industry particularly in the areas of allocation of global assets and risk modeling. Computer skills include proficiency in Microsoft Suite, STATA, SAS, SPSS and the Internet.

Areas of Interest

His areas of Expertise are Pre-calculus, Statistical Inference, Non-Linear modeling, Abstract Algebra and Forecasting, Linear Models, Decision tree, Non-linear Dynamics, STATA Regression, Applied Statistics