Data Mining and Neural Networks

Data mining and neural networks

Ever since the advent of internet age, data has never been a problem.  It is readily available in large quantities and analyzing such types of data is proving itself to be problematic. Information is still integral to the management of an enterprise. Therefore, for the correct decision-making that will steer the business forward, the right data has to be analyzed.   This relevant data is often shrouded in anastronomical data pooland we have to employ techniques to sieve it from the trash.  The method that we often use is known as data mining.

Data mining

Some statisticians have said that data is the new world powerhouse.  Come to think of it. They are correct, given that the current world developments are driven by data analysis. It is essential to get the right data if we are to make a meaningful decision.  What is data mining? Data mining is a subfield of statistics and computer science that aims to extract key information from data and transform it into a meaningful structure for further use.

In a business context, data mining is the technique employed to turn raw data into useful information. They employ software to get useful information from a large pool which can help them learn more about their customers, which will help them provide their customers with goods and services tailored to meet their desires. For such a company, it should have an effective data collection system, a database, and have good computer processing.

A brief history of data mining.

The general process of looking into past data and discovering past trends obviously has a long history. Data mining is a term that was conceived some decades ago. At that time, it was intertwined between disciplines such as artificial intelligence, statistics, and computer science.

However, over the past decade, the idea of data mining has gained so much pace that it is now the cornerstone of the success of any business. This is because of the availability of computing power, which has eased the process of data mining significantly and contributed to more people joining the field.

What is the importance of data mining?

1. Data, in its natural form, is often very chaotic. Data mining helps us to sift through this chaos and get the relevant data for analysis.

2.  It has contributed significantly towards a manager making informed decisions.

3. A business is able to learn about the preferences of its customers and, therefore, gives them what they want. The net effect is that it can lead to more sales in the business hence profitability.

Data mining and neural networks.

Neural networks or artificial intelligence is a concept that has its origin almost the same time as data mining. Both these fields have developed at a significant rate in the past decade. Neural networks is a technique where the computer tries to mimic what the normal human brain can accomplish.

You will be perplexed by how this field has grown tremendously in the last decade. There is a growing fear that the machine could one day do what we are doing. However, this idea is far from reality.

Neural networks have lots of applications in business. It could be used in forecasting and data mining. When it comes to data mining, neural networks is a trend in data mining. Neural networks application in data mining ensures an effective data mining process that extracts useful information related to the business.  With a neural network, we can easily identify the key patterns in thebehavior of customers of a business s that can help us learn a great deal about them.  Given the accuracy that comes with neural networks, it is more likely that the future of data mining is in neural networks.

R for data mining and neural networks.

If you are looking for the best software to conduct data mining or for neural networks application, it is the best software to use. It has all the tools that you will need for analysis. It is much easier to learn R as compared to other high-level programming languages because it is a functional-based software. There are numerous packages that you can use to perform any form of statistical computing.

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