Data representation and visualization

Data representation and visualization

R is one of the most trusted statistical  software that most statisticians use for their analysis. In some cases, R is used in the learning process and in most cases; the assignments are given using  this software.  Surf the internet, and you will find there are so many tutorials on how to use R for different statistical analyses . It is as if R is the defacto statistical analysis tool today in the market. Though we do not know for how long this will continue, we are confident, that R will be there in  the near future.  It is important that you learn how to use this software. There are two basic features  of R that we will focus in this article. That is, data representation and visualization.

Data representation.

In computing, data representation refers to the way a computer represents data.  The computer generally represents data in a binary form, but R has a different way of representing data. They can be referred to as the data types of R.


Like in mathematics, they imply the same thing in R. they are whole numbers such as 1, 2, or 50. They do not have decimal places.

Real numbers.

They incorporate integers and can take decimals. They can be used to represent anything that can be expressed numerically.


Strings are generally used to represent letters or word in R.  If you are, using strings in R ensure that all the  characters of the string are enclosed in single or double-quotes.

Logical values

Logical values as we know them, are the values TRUE or FALSE.  The logical values in R should always be written in upper case. R also accepts the letter T or F for both the logical values if they do have quotes. The logical values are used for comparison.


Dates can also be represented in R. the default date formats in R arePOSIXt and POSIXct class.

Data visualization.

Data visualization or statistical graphics or information insights refers to representing information in the form of graphs. R has all the necessary tools that you will need to visualize any kind of data. With R, you can plot a single variable, double variable, and multiple variables on the same plot.  Examples of the plots that you can plot with R are histograms, pie charts, line graphs and scatter plots.

What are the advantages of data visualization?

They can provide some quick insights about the data in a way that descriptive statistics cannot provide. Fast and informed decision making is important in an organization now than it was ever before because of the high level of competition.  Data visualization can provide some meaningful insights into the data in a quick way.

Tools for plotting in R.

R has all the tools that you can think for plotting of data. There are packages that can help you to plot the different kinds of graphs in R. the basic ones such as scatter plots, histograms and line curves, do not require you to install other packages. Nevertheless, for high-level data visualization, you should consider installing ggplot2. With this package, you can plot the different kinds of graphs, including bar plots and some annotations to the graphs. However, plotting graphs with the ggplot2 require you to master how to use it. It takes time, but if you master it, you become proficient and can plot any kind of graph when called upon for.

Where can I start?

There are so many online tutorials with articles teaching you how to plot. They should serve as a good starting point. Additionally, there are free and paid course that you can enrolto. They can add to your level of knowledge about visualization using R.  Be sure that you practice a lot.  The poorest way of learning coding with any software is just reading the codes. Learning has to be active; that is why you have to practice with the inbuilt data sets.

Assignment help.

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