Irwin Butler

Irwin Butler

Experience: 5 Years

 About Irwin Butler

Bachelor of Science in Financial Mathematics and Masters in Statistics from the
University of California

Professional Experience

Irwin worked as a Senior Quantitative analyst at ANZ Banking Cooperation. He was given responsibilities regarding Credit Portfolio Modeling, Stochastic   Modeling and Risk analysis. Thus, he derives rich Statistics related experience from the practical applications. His passion towards teaching and statistics prompted him to offer help to students across the globe in the area of Statistics and Finance. He has been assisting students online with statistics related problems such as Regression, Stochastic Process, Time series analysis, Markov Analysis, STATA analysis, Quantitative methods and Applied Statistics..

Professional Skills

David is well versed with the knowledge of statistical software such as SPSS, Minitab, SAS, R and STATA. He has contributed to the area of Statistics through numerous research papers and journals.

 Areas of Interest

Statistics, Financial Analytics, Quantitative Methods, Time Series, Mathematical Programming, Markov Processes, Applied Statisticsetc