Statistical quality control

Statistical quality control

This topic is concerned with monitoring and maintaining the quality of products and services of a company. Quality professionals mostly use this term, and it’s a topic which  ensures that a business is involved in the  production of quality products. There are different statistical methods that are employed in statistical quality control which we shall discuss in this article. In addition, we will also focus on the importance of statistical quality control. In case you are facing  any challenges in completing your assignment, then you can contact us. We provide students with statistical quality control assignment help.

Role of statistical quality control

  1. Quality evaluation of all the incoming goods and produced goods.
  2. Quality improvement through process control and experimentation

Statistical quality control tools.

The main tools that are used in statistical control are:-

Descriptive statistics

Descriptive statistics is not a  new term for you. You have used it a lot in most of your statistical analyses . As the name suggests, it gives a brief description of the data. Or we could say it helpsus to give a general description of the data. The most common descriptive statistics tools used by most statisticians are the measures of spread and central tendency. Variance and standard deviation are the measures of spread, and the measures of central tendency commonly used are mean and median. The mode though is a measure of central tendency is not as common as mean and median.

Statistical process control

This term, abbreviated as SPC is a statistical tool that is used to ensure that a process is running efficiently. They are commonly applied in the manufacturing industry. Its goal is to ensure that the project achieves its intended target. SPC does not change the quality of the product, no matter how bad or good the product might be. Therefore it can be relied upon to ensure that the company achieves its intended goals.

A common tool in the  SPC is the control charts which were proposed by Walter Shewhart in the 1920s. They depict how a process changes with time. There are different types of descriptive statistics processes that can be plotted on the control charts.

SPC techniques.

Majorly, there are seven SPC  techniques. A control chart is one of them. The other six are, Check sheet, Histogram, Pareto diagrams, Scatter plots, Defect concentration diagrams, and Cause and effect diagrams.

Acceptance sampling

This is a statistical tool that is used to decide whether to accept or reject a production batch based on a specific sample.  Unlike the statistical process control, acceptance sampling is applied before and after the manufacturing process. SPC is always applied during the manufacturing process. If it’s done before the manufacturing process, then it involves the sampling of the supplier products or the raw materials used in the production process. If it’s done after the process, only the finished goods are sampled.

What is the importance of statistical quality control?

  1. Encourages consumer satisfaction.

Statistical quality control ensures that only quality products are manufactured, which leads to overall consumer satisfaction.

  1. Quality consciousness

Statistical quality control encourages the development of quality goods within the organization, which is beneficial in ensuring that only quality goods are produced.

  1. Fault detection

With statistical quality control, faults in the manufacturing process can be detected at an early stage, minimizing wastages.

  1. The morale of the employees.

It also increases the morale of the company workers as they believe that they are working for the better prospects.

Statistical quality control charts.

An assignment in statistical quality control prepares the student to face a real-life situation. Statistical quality control is applied by so many manufacturing industries as these help them to ensure that they produce quality products. By producing quality products, they gain a competitive edge against their competitors. These assignments have to be taken seriously given that this is one of the real-life application taught directly in the university without having it concealed in mathematical equations.

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