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Statistics involves collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data. Some consider it as a branch of mathematics, while others as a distinct mathematical science. Whichever the case, statistics is always more complicated compared to mathematics. Most of the statistical analyses are used during uncertainty. Statistics is extensive and is applied to many fields. It is common to find a statistics unit in many science courses such as physics and biology. This is because of the reason, that statistics forms an integral part of any type of scientific experiment.

Statistics assignments can be very challenging. In most cases, they might require the student to perform real-life analysis. For example, it could be used to predict forex trends. To complete such topics, it might require the students to have a good understanding of statistical software such as R and Matlab. Due to the complications involved in these topics, it might force the student to seek statistics assignment help. We have a pool of experts who have attained the highest academic qualifications from reputed universities in countries such as Canada, USA, and the UK.

The general classification of statistics.

Statistics can be broadly classified into two parts: Descriptive statistics and inferential statistics.

Descriptive statistics

As the name suggests, this type of statistics gives a description of the data. Descriptive statistics can be classified into two. Measures of central tendency and measure of spread.

Measures of central tendency include the mean, mode, and median. The mean gives the average of the data — for instance, the average score scored by students in a statistics exam. Median, on the other hand, gives the middle value of the data while the mode gives the most common score that students score in the exam.

Measures of spread are very significant and include range, frequency distributions, and quartiles, mean absolute deviation, variances, and the standard deviation. The range gives the complete range of the dataset. That is from the smallest to the largest. The frequency distribution shows how many times the particular data occurs within the dataset. Quartiles are the subgroups that are formed when the data values are divided into four groups. Mean absolute deviation show how each value of the dataset deviates from the mean. The variance gives how much spread exists in the data. In businesses, context variance can be used to mean the risk. Standard deviation is more closely related to the variance and is computed by getting the square root of the variance.

Inferential statistics.

Compared to descriptive statistics, inferential statistics is more advanced. Most students who ask for help with statistics assignment, their assignments fall in this category. Normally, inferential statistics involves the use of complex mathematical statistics to infer the trend of a population. Statisticians use inferential statistics to make a generalization or prediction about the large population.

In statistics, it becomes very hard to analyze the whole population. Therefore, a dataset that is considered a representative of the true population is selected. This dataset is referred to as the sample statistics. Inferential statistics is used to make conclusions about the true population based  on the analysis of the dataset. Inferential statistics can be divided into a test of significance and confidence interval.

Test of significance or hypothesis testing is used when there is a claim about the data. A hypothesis is always generated before any analysis can be done. Remember, a hypothesis means a well educated guess about the data. Here, there is a form of uncertainty, which is usually expressed by the level of significance.

Confidence intervals give the range of values of the unknown parameter. Usually, it’s expressed in terms of interval and the degree of confidence in the parameter which lies in the interval.

Common statistical units under inferential statistics include. Statistical inference 1, statistical inference 2, linear models, regression techniques, large sample statistical methods, multivariate analysis, sample surveys, non-parametric inference and sequential analysis, and resampling techniques.

Assignment help from a wide array of topics.

As mentionedpreviously, statistics is very wide and encompasses a wide range of topics. Some are hard, while others are easy. Whether the assignment is tough or easy, it’s alwaysadvisable to take help from our team of skilled experts. They not only offer assignment solutions but also give tutoring to help the students improve their knowledge on the assignment topics. Below are some of the topics on which our team of highly skilled professionals offer statistics assignment solutions.

  • Linear algebra
  • Probability theory
  • Sample surveys and design of experiments
  • Graph theory
  • Optimization techniques
  • Measure theoretic probability
  • Categorical data analysis
  • Stochastic processes
  • Metric topology and complex analysis
  • Abstract algebra
  • Statistical computing
  • Time series analysis
  • Actuarial methods
  • Actuarial models
  • Life contingencies
  • Survival analysis
  • Pattern recognition
  • Financial econometrics
  • Computational finance
  • Quantitative finance
  • Functional analysis
  • Martingale theory
  • Brownian motion
  • Asymptotic theory of inference
  • Statistical methods in demography
  • Mathematical biology
  • Robust statistics
  • Game theory
  • Analysis of directional data
  • Bayesian computation
  • Signal and image processing.
  • Risk management
  • Stochastic calculus of finance
  • Percolation theory.

Statistics applications in different fields.

Statistic plays an important role in different fields. Nearly all human activities are dependent on statistics. For example, to determine the rate of unemployment in a country, statistical methods are applied. The various fields where statistics is applied is very vast. Below are some of the prominent fields that apply statistics.


Business is heavily dependent  on statistics. To sell certain goods based on consumer preference, statistics must be applied. It is worthy to mention that businesses exist to make profits. Therefore, all the decisions made by the entrepreneur must be perfect. Statistics must, therefore, be greatly incorporated in the decision-making process.

Natural and social science

You would be wrong if you thought that social sciencehas no mathematics in its  curriculum. In social and natural sciences such as biology, chemistry, statistics is mainly used in analyzing experimental results. The practical part of these sciences involvegoing to the field and collecting data. In other cases, the data can be collected from the laboratory.


This is sector also relies heavily on statistics for its daily operations. Banks work by allowing people to make deposits. They make an assumption that these people do not make withdrawal requests at the same time. Statistical approaches are applied to approximate the number of deposits and the maximum number of withdrawals per day.


Nearly every aspect of economics applies statistics. Take, for instance, the inflation rate, which is by itself a statistical application. In economics, the relationship between supply and demand is often analyzed using statistical methods.


The state is often tasked with the role of ensuring equal development and equitable distribution of resources. It’s for this reason that the state often conducts a census after a specific period. In some cases, statistics are required in making government policies. For instance, the government may wantto revise the pay scale of employees based on the rise in the cost of living and statistical methods are used to determine the cost of living. In addition, budgetary allocations are heavily reliant on statistics. Therefore, statistics is an integral part of all government operations.

Irrespective of the field you come from, we offer statistics assignment help on any statistics related topics.

What are the benefits of studying statistics?

  • By studying statistics, students are able to gain analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • With statistics knowledge, students can evaluate the information at hand.
  • Students can conduct their research logically and carefully.
  • Students can easily interpret statistical information.

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