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Overlay Analysis

ArcGIS has an overlay toolset that can be used to overlay several feature classes. These tools support erasing, updating, and modifying spatial features which leads to a whole new feature class. When you overlay one set of features with another, you are creating new information. The processes of overlay analysis involve combining two sets of features into one set to examine if there are any spatial relationships between the input features. Examples of tools that are used in overlay analysis include apportion polygon, count overlapping features, intersect, etc.

Proximity Analysis

The proximity toolset in ArcGIS can be used to analyze and determine the proximity of features in one or more feature classes. These tools aim to provide you with information regarding how close the features are to one another. Proximity tools can also compute the distances between and around features. Some of the popular tools that support proximity analysis include buffer, create Thiessen polygons, generate near table, graphic buffer, etc.

ArcGIS extensions

The extensions in ArcGIS are packages that increase your experience with the software. Here are some of the extensions in ArcGIS


The tracking extension allows for the tracking of moving objects. It also tracks their movement with time. The extension uses advanced features of GPS which enables to track the historical or current movements of an object.

Network analysts

This extension allows for the maintenance of network datasets. Examples of such datasets are roads and water supply. With these networks, we can easily answer questions such as what is the shortest pathway to move from location A to location B. You can also locate the facilities that you will need along the route. For an organization, it could help in decision-making.

Spatial analyst.

For any form of analysis, this is the extension that you should use. Spatial analyst supports analysis on raster or vector data. It allows for all forms of data analysis needed on a dataset, which includes data preparation.