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ArcGIS assignment help

Believe it or not, computer software has managed to make its way into farming. There are different management strategies that incorporate computing: for example, in precision farming which is a farming management concept aimed at increasing the overall productivity of a farm by observing the whole farm and responding to the variation in production in each sector. Simply put, precision farming seeks to ensure that there is homogenous production in the whole field. The success of this management strategy relies greatly on the application of information technology. The application software used for this purpose is ArcGIS.

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What is ArcGIS?

ArcGIS is a software that you will use for any spatial or geographical data analysis that is owned and managed by ESRI. ESRI is a company based in California, USA. The software enables you to collect, store, and do all sorts of manipulations on the geographical data. The software has a desktop version, an online version, and mobile application versions. Most people prefer using the software for geographic data analysis despite the software not being entirely free. Though there is a free version, but it lacks some features so integral for geographic data analysis.

Other than farming, its use permeates to fields such as zoology, where it’s used to track animals, uber driving, and tracking earthquakes, among other things.

ArcGIS capabilities

1. Creating maps.

Creating maps is fundament alto any GIS software. This software provides you with base maps that you can use for visualizing your data. Additionally, you can create web apps that can be published on ArcGIS online.

2. Sharing

ArcGIS Online allows for the sharing of information in and out of the organization. You can also create groups that are open to specific people or public. Maps produced by ArcGIS can be shared via social media. Thus, it’s possible to have a collaborative effort in producing the maps.

3. Analyzing the data.

The method of analyzing the data depends on the question at hand.  Afterpreparing all the data it is ready for analysis, you can use any statistical method for this analysis. However, choose according to what will fit the question at hand.

Why should you choose ArcGIS?

There are several advantages that ArcGIS comes with that makes it a software that most people prefer to use. These advantages include:

Its add-ons and extensions make it possible to extend it to suit all the needs of an organization. It has everything that any user will need for geographical data analysis.
ArcGIS Online makes it possible to acquire data even if the analyst did not have the data at hand. The online platform has all the data that you will need.
ArcGIS also allows you to edit the datasets. The advantage of this is that you can customize it and call it your own. The inbuilt editing toolbox provides you with all the tools needed to build data.

ArcGIS extensions

Extensions are like packages to software like python. They increase your experience in the software. There are a lot of extensions. From our experience that we have gathered by offering wide ranging ArcGIS homework help, we can tell you that the following are the most common extensions.

1. Tracking.
The tracking extension allows for the tracking of moving objects. It also tracks their movement with time. The extension uses advanced features of GPS which enables to track the historical or current movements of an object.
2. Network analysts
This extension allows for the maintenance of network datasets. Examples of such datasets are roads and water supply. With these networks, we can easily answer questions such as what is the shortest pathway to move from location A to location B. You can also locate the facilities that you will need along the route. For an organization, it could help in decision making.
3. Spatial analyst.
For any form of analysis, this is the extension that you should use. It’s used for any form of analysis that is needed on raster or vector data. It allows for all forms of data analysis needed on a dataset, which includes data preparation.
Additionally, spatial analyst allows for interpolation of data values from a sample, identify the best path alternative, find the suitable locations in a farm, and perform statistical analyses based on the local environment.
4. Schematics analyst
This tool enables you to develop a simplified version of your map. Sometimes managers need a simplified version of a real-world map, and this is what this software generates automatically. This makes it easy for management to make decisions. Its use is limitless, it can be used for any kind of network like roads, electric power, rail to traffic lights.
5. Geostatistical analyst
Its operations are related to spatial analyst tools. However, the geostatistical analyst provides you with highly specialized tools that you can use for analysis.

What are the applications of ArcGIS?

This question necessitates us to know some of the areas where GIS is extensively used. These places include.

Telecom and network services.

For this industry, it can be an important tool in decision making. They can plan how to allocate resources in different places and how to improve in the regions where their networks are not used.

Urban planning.

Urban planning is used to direct the growth of urban places. Authorities have to identify suitable places for growth. Such a piece of land should have qualities such as an ample supply of water, easily accessible, have low usage value and flat in geographical contour. With ArcGIS, the process is simplified.

Environmental impact

Human activities sometimes have an adverse effect on the environment. Examples of such instances are deforestation and dumping of plastics bags anywhere. Sometimes, even an activity such as the construction of a company would lead to pollution of the water sources around the area. By integrating the use of ArcGIS, responsible parties could conduct an assessment of the natural features. This can help them identify the source of the effect and hence correct it.

Transportation planning.

With industrialization, most countries are building roads and other infrastructure at a high rate. However, to effectively plan this, they need to integrate GIS so that they can integrate the topographical data in their planning.

Natural resource management.

We all have come across the different types of maps that have all the information regarding water resources in a particular region. With these maps, the government can identify and manage these natural resources.

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