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Multivariate analysis is a branch of statistics that handles observations made on many variables. It helps analysts understand how the variables are associated with each another, and how they are combined to work to distinguish between the scenarios on which the observations are made. Besides, multivariate statistics are used in the context of probability distributions to represent the distributions of observed data and as a part of statistical inference. Do not stress yourself and wonder “who can do my multivariate homework for me?” Get in touch with our multivariate assignment experts now and find the relief that you need. StatisticsAssignmentExperts.com is equipped with all the sophisticated software and other resources needed to complete your assignment excellently and on time.

Cluster Analysis

Cluster analysis encompasses a variety of statistical methods that are used to categorize cases and objects into clusters. It is also known as numerical taxonomy or classification analysis. The analyst performing cluster analysis usually has no prior information about the cluster or the membership of any of the objects. The process of cluster analysis involves the following steps:

  • Coming up with a problem
  • Choosing a distance measure
  • Deciding the procedure to be used for clustering
  • Settling on the number of groups or clusters
  • Interpreting the cluster’s profiles
  • Validating the clustering

Scatter Plot Matrix

A scatter plot matrix supports visualization of bivariate associations between a mix of variables. Each scatters plot in the grid visualizes the associations between two variables. This allows the relationship to be evaluated in a single chart. A scatter plot matrix consists of three numeric fields or more and is often created to explore a combination of variables in pairs.

Factor Analysis

Factor analysis is a technique in statistics that supports the reduction of data. This process involves identifying latent variables that manifest in observable variables. Some of the methods that can be used to perform factor analysis include maximum probability, unweighted least squares, principal axis factor, and generalized least squares. The method of factor analysis demands a large sample size.


A biplot is a method that uses graphs to display two kinds of information simultaneously. In most cases, biplots are used to optimally represent the distance between observations, the associations between variables, and the inner products between variables and observations. Biplots can be of 3 types:

  • Principal component analysis
  • Correlation/covariance
  • joint