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Table Of Contents
  • Are you in a quest for reliable and professional STATA Project Help?
  • STATA Do-Files
  • Hausman Test
  • Reporting Output

Are you in a quest for reliable and professional STATA Project Help?

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STATA Do-Files

Research is always termed to be excellent when the results are reproducible. You can easily do this in STATA by writing a set of codes that has all your commands. It is also possible to document your program by including comments that can help other researchers understand your thought process. STATA do-files are STATA programs that harbor all the commands that are to be executed. Running a do-file is similar to interactively running a series of commands. The only difference is that with a do-file, your commands are permanently recorded.

Hausman Test

Also known as the Hausman specification test, the Hausman test is carried out to identify predictor variables that exist in a model of regression. Predictor variables’ values are decided by other variables in the system. OLS (ordinary least squares) estimators will fail if predictor variables exist in a model. In panel data analysis, the Hausman test helps researchers select between the random-effects model and the fixed-effects model.

Reporting Output

STATA a full range of reporting features that allows you to integrate results in STATA and graphs with texts that have been formatted. Reporting formats for STATA results can be in Excel, HTML, PDF, and Word. There are two subdivisions of STATA commands that are used to create reports:

Dynamic document commands

The reports created by these commands include the entire output from STATA commands. The Markdown text-formatting language can be used to customize the report.

Put* commands

The documents and PDFs created by these commands insert the results from STATA commands into texts that have been formatted and tables in the document.