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STATA is a statistical software package. STATA provides all you need for data management, data analysis, and graphics. Researchers use it in different fields to examine data patterns. This software supports the retrieval of data from any source. One big advantage of STATA is that it can store the retrieved data by creating a duplicate without modifying the original file.

Advantages of STATA

  1. Analysis in STATA can be done using syntax or a drop-down menu, therefore, accommodating beginners and experienced users.
  2. It comes with a build-in help function which is used for modeling structural equations.
  3. STATA is popular and loved by many people because it is easy to learn
  4. STATA enables its users to multitask since it allows people to have more than one file open at the same time. This is a major advantage because it can help you compare files more easily.
  5. STATA runs repetitive analysis very effectively using loops and macros in a do-file.
  6. The STATA team releases new updates every two weeks, adding new features and sorting any challenges that may have been incurred, such as removing bugs.
  7. STATA is also sold at a fair price and does not attract any additional prices after the sale.

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File types in STATA

.do files This is a txt time where commands are saved for future reference or future editing.  
.log files These are txt files with outputs from your .do files. They are for future reference and printing.  
.dta files These are data files with STATA format.
.gph files These are graph files in STATA format.
.ado files These are programs in STATA. This file is available in every command you use on your computer.  
.smcl files This is a default format for long files unless you instruct STATA to use .log extension.  

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Features of STATA

  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Responsive and extensible
  • Fast, accurate, and easy to use
  • Publication-quality graphics

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