Financial Risk Analysis Assignment Help

Financial Risk Analysis

The study of the underlying uncertainty of a given course of action. Risk analysis refers to the uncertainty of forecasted future cash flows streams, variance of portfolio/stock returns, statistical analysis to determine the probability of a project’s success or failure, and possible future economic states. Risk analysts often work in tandem with forecasting professionals to minimize future negative unforeseen effects.

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Following is list of comprehensive topics in which we have expertise offering quality solutions:

  • Endogenous risk
  • Factor Analysis
  • R code and S-Plus
  • Ideas from behavioral finance
  • Options and dynamic replication
  • Applied Business Research and Statistics
  • Matlab
  • Conceptual foundations: diversification, hedging and their limits
  • Risk analysis of fixed income portfolios
  • Credit risk (ratings based models, structural models, reduced form models
  • Value at risk
  • Credit derivatives