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Cochran’s Q Test

This test determines if binary dependent variables of three or multiple groups have statistical differences. The Cochran's Q test is the same as the one-way repeated measures ANOVA. However, instead of a continuous dependent variable, it has a dichotomous dependent variable. This type of test is commonly applied in longitudinal study design analyses. Cochran's Q test can also be used to analyze participants that have been taken through several different trials.


Pharmacokinetics describes how a drug moves throughout the body and what the body does to the drug. It tries to explain the processes of drug absorption, metabolism, distribution, bioavailability, and even excretion. Some of the factors that affect pharmacokinetics include the chemical properties of the drug and other factors that are related to the patient like age, genes sex, etc. Drug prescribers require knowledge of the concepts of pharmacokinetics to prepare accurate and rapid dosage for patients. The application of these principles in pharmacotherapy is known as therapeutic drug monitoring.

Bioavailability Assessment

This is the rate of drug entry into systematic circulation. Bioavailability largely depends on the attributes of the dosage form which is mostly determined by the manufacturer and the design. Various drug formulations have differences in bioavailability which can lead to clinical significance. Therefore, it is essential to know if the formulation of the drug is equivalent. To assess bioavailability, you should calculate the area under the curve of the plasma concentration. This is the most reliable technique that is recommended. The area under the curve should be directly proportional to the unchanged drug in circulation.