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Table Of Contents
  • Get Excellent and Affordable Minitab Assignment Help
  • Cross Tabulation
  • OC (Operating Characteristic) Curve
  • Acceptance Sampling

Get Excellent and Affordable Minitab Assignment Help

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Cross Tabulation

Cross tabulation is a quantitative method that is commonly used on categorical data. This statistical technique aims to identify associations between multiple variables. It is also known as cross tabs or contingency tables. Statisticians usually use cross-tabulation to analyze changes in correlation from one variable grouping to another. It provides trends, patterns, and probabilities that exist within raw data. In Minitab, you can perform cross-tabulation by selecting Stat, Tables, and then choosing cross-tabulation and Chi-Square

OC (Operating Characteristic) Curve

The operating characteristic curve highlights an acceptance sampling plan's discriminatory power. It is a curve that is plotted by the probabilities of accepting a sample against the fraction defective. The sampling risk of an OC curve is always obvious after it has been plotted. As a result, it is recommended that you analyze the OC curve before you use a sampling plan.

Acceptance Sampling

Acceptance sampling is a measure in statistics that is applied in quality control. Most companies use this technique to examine if their batch of products is of quality. They do this by selecting and testing a specified number of products. The quality level of the selected group will be viewed as the quality of the whole batch of products. The acceptance sampling process involves deciding on the number of products to be tested and defects that are acceptable within the sample group.