Some commonly asked FAQs

Que 1.  What is the purpose of our establishment?
The main purpose of our establishment is to help students around the world in providing assistance to their statistics homework assignments. The tutors and experts associated with our company would help the students in understanding the concepts and theories related to statistics through their delivery of detailed solutions of homework assignments.

Que 2. Why you should choose us?
There are many well-renowned and prominent players in this industry catering to the needs of students and assisting them in homework help and assignments. We have a knack of knowing your requirements and expectations by virtue of our keen observation and study of market dynamics.  We strive to deliver excellence through quality output and delivery of solutions within the stipulated time frame.

Que 3. Who are our tutors and experts?
We understand the need of quality deliverables in the knowledge field and thus all our experts hold masters degrees or are PhDs in statistics and possess many years of working experience which helps us in achieving excellence in our deliverables.  They would help you out in your complex problems as they posses the required knowledge and qualifications on the subject matter.

Que 4. What makes us different from other players in the industry?
Our attitude to never say “NO”. We have a highly specialized team of experts who are ready to take on any complex assignments and make it simple for you through detailed explanations and presentable solutions. The experts understand the statistical problems and try their best to deliver error free solutions at minimum cost and within deadlines.

Que 5. What is the coverage level of our statics help assignments?
The website caters to the needs of students in their statistics assignment help at all levels. These levels not only include primary and high school statistics, college statistics but also cater to the requirements of graduate and MBA level statistics homework. The company strives to provide quality and quick answers to homework assignments, numerical, writes-up and articles on statistics.

Que 6. Who holds the website?
The company holds this website which is subject to terms and conditions.

Que 7. What is the method of buying a service offering from us?
You can send your homework assignment to us at the mail address  We would then be providing you with a price quote depending on the factors like difficulty level of the assignment, time required for completion of assignment, time period available between placing the order the mentioned deadline. Upon acceptance of the price offer, you can make the payments for the work through your credit cards, PayPal or any other cards like visa, MasterCard etc. The work would start only after the receipt of the payment. So, please make timely payments in order to enable us to deliver solutions in quick time and within prescribed time limits. When you make payments, you are adhering to the terms and conditions of our website. There is no need for you to send your credit card details as we don’t collect any information pertaining to it. The solutions would then be delivered to your mail address within the prescribed time limits. However, in extreme cases, the solutions may not be delivered within the time for any contingent reason and we don’t assume any liability for that inconvenience, apart from consideration of refund request in that matter.

Que 8. Do we refund the money taken by us for our services?
Quality is our key consideration in terms of output and extra precaution is taken while providing service offerings. However, at times, the client may not be satisfied with the deliverable and under such scenarios, you may ask for rework of the same assignment with or without any additional payments, which would be contingent upon the event. Having said this, refund requests are also entertained only in the event of non-delivery of the work. No refund request would be entertained on the basis of poor grade due to the work, as the main motive of our service is for your understanding purpose and not the guarantee of any academic submissions. Thus, you are requested to contact our representatives if there is dissatisfaction on any account in regards to our service deliverables. Your query would be given priority and the grievances would be solved either through reworking or discussions on the same. The probability of a refund is a remote scenario and thus please be extremely careful before placing or purchasing any service offering.

Que 9. What are the terms and conditions?
The prospective clients are advised to read the terms and conditions very carefully before using the services provided by the website. You are required to adhere to the stipulated terms and conditions. Through the use or access of this website, you agree to the legal terms and conditions of the website.

Que 10. What are the common don’ts?

  • Please don’t use our services if you don’t wish agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Please don’t post any unauthorized content or links on our website or links which are prohibited under the law.

Que 11. Where you can contact for customer support, or any queries?
For any query, please feel free to contact us:

Email us:

Call Us: +1 480 409 4526 (USA)

+1 480 409 4526 (USA)

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