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When Can I Get Help With Questions About Your Service?

We have a fully functional customer care team. Our team works 24/7 to ensure that they are available whenever you need them. We have answered most of the questions in our FAQ section, but should you need any clarification, please talk to our online team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much do you charge per task?

We do not have a specific charge sheet for the tasks we get. The charge depends on each task. We consider the quantity of work and the urgency of that particular work when charging you.

How much time do you need to complete my task?

We complete tasks based on their bulk and per the stated deadlines. We only pick assignments that we can complete within the stated deadlines because we know how important it is to students. We have a team of well-trained tutors who ensure that all assignments are delivered within the agreed time.

Why should I trust your service?

We have the required tools, experience, and team to ensure that you get the quality you are looking for. We have already worked with thousands of students, helping them get the grades they have been looking for. It would be best to trust our work because we will deliver timely, quality, and affordable services.

Must I pay before you start working on my paper?

Yes. This is because we pay our writers in advance. The beauty of working with us is that we have a money-back guarantee. Therefore, should we fail to deliver your work on time or as per the requirements, you can refund it.

Other than the assignment, do you complete statistics projects?

Yes. We have a team that handles all projects and thesis, ensuring that students have an easy school. Therefore, if you have a project, hire us and deliver the best quality. Most of our tutors are masters level tutors and are well experienced to handle offer any solution you are looking for.

Will you charge me for revisions?

We will never charge you for a revision. Even though revisions are rare here, they are all free. We are here to ensure that you are satisfied with the quality of work we offer you.

How will I receive the completed task?

When hiring us, we ask you for information, including email addresses and contacts. Once an assignment is completed, it is sent to your email address. Therefore, when sending us your details, ensure that the email address you sent us is correct.

What if my task is plagiarized?

You will never get plagiarized work from us. This is because all tasks are complete from scratch. We do not recycle solutions. After every task is completed, it is sent to our quality control center, where grammar and plagiarism are checked. We believe in academic integrity, and therefore, we do not compromise issues to do with plagiarism.

Can I hire the same tutor over and over again?

Absolutely yes. If you have a personal attachment with a certain tutor, you can hire the same tutor. We have a provision on this website to choose a tutor of your choice. However, if you do not have a preferred tutor, we will deliver the same quality of work still.

When can I get services from you?

You can hire us at whatever time you need help. Our tutors work 24/7 to ensure that there is time to help you whenever you need help. We cannot afford to work at specific times because we have clients from different time zones. Therefore, whatever time you need us, we will offer the best help.

What happens when I pay twice for the same task?

If you accidentally pay twice, you have several options you can deal with the extra payment. One, you can ask for a refund. A refund of the extra payment will be launched immediately, and you will be paid back. Alternatively, you can opt to get a service that matches the extra amount of money. Whichever option you choose, we will be willing to follow your instructions.

What will happen if I send half of the work and realize it later?

Note that we only charge you based on the work you sent at a particular time. Therefore if you send us half of the work, we will charge you only for that specific work. If you decide to add extra work, it will be charged differently and as a new task. However, we encourage our clients to ensure that they confirm all the details of their tasks before sending them to us.

Is it possible to get the status reports for my assignment?

Yes. Our team is always ready to send the progress of your assignments. We have different clients, and we deal with each based on their requirements. Therefore should you need a status report of your assignment, we will gladly avail it.

How will I trust you with my personal information?

We handle personal data with a lot of caution. We know in this era of technology, personal data is highly sensitive. The data you sent to us is not shared with third parties, and what is more, it's encrypted throughout. We do not ask for personal information such as your pin and passwords. We only ask for the necessary information to ensure that you get the best service from us.

Can I fail after hiring you to complete my assignment?

No. This has never happened in the past. We have a team of highly experienced tutors, most professors. When handling your assignments, we take time to understand every requirement to ensure that we capture all the key points. Therefore, we do not leave room for failure. We have worked with thousands of students, and we have been successful up to this point.

Who qualifies for discounts?

We offer discounts to our clients from time to time. Discounts are offered to both new clients and our frequent clients. We choose randomly who to get discounts, and therefore anyone can qualify for it.

Do you do urgent assignments?

Yes. Clients have different needs. Some come with long term projects, while others come with very urgent assignments. We handle the assignment that is up to 2 hours from the deadline. We ensure that every student has a chance to get the grades they dream of.