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SPSS is statistical software that lets you organize and extract actionable insights from its data. This package was created for statistical analysis in 1968 by SPSS Inc. before IBM bought it in 2009. SPSS is used by different people such as marketing organizations, government entities, health researchers, market researchers, data miners, and many others for processing and analyzing survey data.
SPSS helps you to;
  • Understand complex and large data sets fasters through advanced statistical procedures that help people and firms make accurate and quality decisions.
  • Help in solving complex research and business problems through its user-friendly interface
  • Use other extensions to intergrade with open-source software.
  • It enables you to collect and manage your software in an easy way with its flexible deployment options.

The main functions of SPSS

SPSS offers four main programs which help researchers with data analysis. The four are:
Statistics program Statistics program in SPSS gives a large amount of basic statistical functionalities such as cross-tabulation and frequencies.
Modeler program In the modeler program, researchers build and validate models with the help of advanced statistical procedures.
Text analytics for surveys program Text analytics for surveys program in SPSS gives surveyors an easier time when uncovering powerful insights from responses to open-ended survey questions.
Visualizer designer Visualization designer program in SPSS allows researchers to create a variety of visuals like radial boxplots and density charts.

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Features of SPSS

  1. SPSS has easy access to data with different variable types. The variable data is easily understandable. SPSS helps researchers easily set up a model because most of the processes are automated.
  2. Data is stored in .SAV format in SPSS. The data comes from surveys in most cases, making manipulation, analyzing, and pulling data simple.
  3. After getting data into SPSS, there is no end to what you can do with that data.
  4. SPSS uses trend analysis, predictive models, and assumptions to get data from critical data
  5. SPSS is user-friendly. It is easy to learn, use and apply.

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Reading data from the SPSS database.

Data will be imported with the assistance of the database wizard. To start, the first step is installing the database drivers to read data directly from the database. Open database connectivity is, in most cases, used to format different databases. Database within the drive will easily read the data. To enable this, an installation CD is used, and also other drivers from third-party vendors.

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SPSS Tutorial
SPSS data editor windows
  1. Reading statistical data files in SPSS
    SPSS data files are stored in the .SAV extension. You can open the saved data with the following steps;
    • Open the ‘menu; then go to ‘file’
    • Select ‘open’
    • Click the ‘data’ button
    • Search for the file you are looking for in the .SAV and then open it
    • Data editor will display the information in the file
  2. Import the excel database into SPSS
    • Open SPSS
    • Select the ‘file’ menu
    • Click ‘open database’ and select ‘new query’
    • Open the SPSS database wizard and then click ‘excel files’
    • Click the ‘next’ button
    • At this point, click the brown button on the ODBC login window
    • Brown the database you need, then click ‘open’

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Variable types in SPSS
There are two major variables types in SPSS. These are;
  • Numeric variables contain only numbers and are best suited for numeric calculations such as multiplication and addition.
  • String variables – String variables contain letters, numbers, and other characters. It is not possible to do calculations on string variables.