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Short for Statistical Analysis Systems, SAS is a robust computing language with components called procedures that allow for data analysis and production of different graphical and text based presentation output. The language and its procedures can be used to carry out the following functions:

  • Accessing data from both internal and external data sources and databases
  • Data editing, formatting, retrieval, and conversions using a variety of tools
  • Data manipulation using tools and functions like descriptive statistics, forecasting and modeling, linear programming, and multivariate analysis
  • Presenting data in various ways like using statistical graphs, tables, charts, reports, etc.

When it comes to studying SAS, a lot of students feel discouraged to handle the myriad topics covered in the subject as well as the numerous projects issued to them by their professors. Not forgetting the many activities that one has to deal with in campus and the family responsibilities awaiting them back home. Even the brightest students can reach a point where they feel stressed and need professional help in the subject. For instance, they may need to take up private tutoring on SAS to cover some of the lessons they may have missed due to a tight schedule. Others may need assignment writing help to avoid missing submission dates for their SAS projects. At Statistics Assignment Experts, we offer remarkable SAS help to those who need assignment writing, online tutoring, or any other form of academic assistance.

Important Features Of SAS

There are many features that make SAS a pioneer in data analysis. Some of these include:

  • Excellent data analysis: SAS is a full package for data analysis. It can effortlessly manipulate statistical data from basic to advanced level. The biggest spark in SAS is huge library of tools and packages it comes with that help users to analyze and report data efficiently.
  • Flexibility: SAS is a fourth generation programing language. It’s code is like statements, which makes the syntax easy to learn. Also, with the inbuilt libraries, coding is greatly reduced, which makes it the perfect software even for non-programmers. SAS also has a DS2 tool that allows manipulation of complex data.
  • SAS studio: Another important feature that makes SAS stand out is its studio. SAS studio can be accessed easily from any browser and from any device. No client installation is required; all SAS data files and libraries can be retrieved via any web browser. The program is also very instructive. As soon as you begin to type, it provides you with an autocomplete feature that prompts you various procedures. It also displays a pop up syntax that offers you further guidance. With SAS, you can also create code snippets of your own and add them into the existing snippet library.
  • Supports a variety of data formats: SAS is able to read data from all sorts of files. It also comes with a large database of character encoding that provide support for the most commonly used languages.
  • Management:The SAS environment oversees, monitors, and sends alerts to the analytics environment. You can also execute a failed program completely in a restart mode and the program will pick from the exact step where it failed. SAS also has a powerful XML engine with tools that allow efficient importing and exporting of XML files and well as creating of XML maps.
  • Impressive report output: SAS allows you to create and save reports in an easily retrievable format like PowerPoint, PDF, and RTF. Reports can also be saved as I-book or e-book. You can customize your output based on the hierarchy of your needs.

Know more about the features of SAS by taking help with SAS from our experts.

Advantages Of SAS

SAS has a number of benefits over some programming languages. We have listed these below for you:

  • The syntax of SAS is easy to learn even by people with no programming skills
  • SAS is able to handle large sets of data easily
  • The process of debugging in SAS is very simple. You can easily understand and fix the error that is clearly indicated in the log window.
  • SAS developers test and examine any algorithm before incorporating it into the SAS program, which provides users with a safe and reliable environment for programing and data analysis.
  • Data in SAS is 100% secure; you cannot extract it without a license. The feature of data security ensures that information is not manipulated or altered by outside parties. This is perhaps one of the reasons why SAS is so popular in the corporate world.
  • SAS has made programming and data analysis extremely easy for novice programmers. It has an intuitive GUI with a variety of tools and libraries for coding and data manipulation.

Disadvantages Of SAS

Like any programming language, SAS has its limitations. Here are some of them:

  • SAS is not open source, hence, you have to pay to use it. This is a huge drawback especially when there are other powerful statistical software programs (like R) that are open source.
  • Graphical presentation in R is way more compatible and vivid that SAS. R has more descriptive plots, graphs, and diagrams than SAS.
  • Text mining in SAS is not as easy as it is in R. SAS has made deciphering codes and extracting information from text more comprehensive, which makes the software generally harder to use compared to R.

To learn the advantages and disadvantages of SAS over other programming languages, get in touch with out SAS helpers.

Analysis of variance

Categorical data analysis

Distributional analysis

Exploratory data analysis

Generalized linear modelling

Odds ratio and relative risk

Predictive regression modeling

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      Types Of SAS Software

      SAS was initially released in 1960 and was used for predictive analysis, data management, business intelligence, and descriptive and prescriptive analysis. Since then, many statistical components and procedures have been added into the software giving rise to four different packages. These include:

      • SAS for Windows: Helps you customize and modernize your SAS environment by prioritizing users and programs, enabling grid processing, etc.
      • SAS Enterprise Guide: Helps new programmers with unfamiliar procedures. It provides a more intuitive customizable interface, transparent access to datasets, scripting and information, code editing facilities, and such like features that make programing and data analysis easier.
      • SAS Enterprise Miner: This is an advanced tool for data mining designed to help users develop predicative and descriptive models quickly. It comes with an easy to use graphical user interface and batch processing, sophisticated processes for data preparation, exploration, and summarization, open-source integration with R, and automated scoring.
      • SAS STAT Software: This package is designed exclusively for statistical processes. It includes a plethora of features that enable users to perform descriptive statistics, analysis of variance, regression analysis, and distribution analysis.

      To learn these software packages in depth, connect with our SAS helpers.

      Applications Of SAS

      SAS software plays a significant role in data analysis and decision making. In this section, we discuss some specific domains where SAS is employed today:

      • Business intelligence: This refers to the technologies and strategies a company uses to analyze data. SAS provides insights on previous, current, and predictive business operations. The analysis of this data helps the management make sound decisions. Some of the features that SAS provides for business intelligence include data mining, reporting, complex event processing. Process mining, benchmarking, etc.
      • Predictive analysis: SAS helps draw statistical inferences that enable an organization predict the future. For example, if the performance of product X has been constant over a given period of time, the software will predict a non-changing performance curve of the product. Similarly, if product Y has been showing a change in demand every month, the software will analyze all the factors contributing to the variation such as customer thought processes, hidden charges, etc. to determine how the product will perform in the future. In predictive analysis, SAS studied patterns and trends in data to identify potential risks.
      • Creating safe drug analysis: Diagnosis and prognosis are crucial elements in medicine. SAS plays a huge role in making sure that these elements are precise and accurate. The software is used to monitor how sick patients are and whether they are at risk or not. Heath practitioners even use the program to determine the chances of survival of a patient.

      Our SAS helpers provide useful insights on the applications of SAS so that you can grip the basics better.

      Topics Covered By Our SAS Helpers

      Statistics Assignment Experts is an excellent place to get help with SAS. We have provided academic assistance on this particular subject both in online tutoring and assignment writing. Some of the topics we have covered through this period include:

      • Balanced and unbalanced designs
      • Linear models
      • Multivariate analysis of variance
      • Box and whisker plots
      • Descriptive statistics
      • Bivariate and univariate kernel density estimation
      • Principal components regression
      • Distribution analysis
      • Least squares regression
      • 18 standardization methods
      • Sample selection
      • Statistical graphics

      Get help with SAS on these topics and many more by simply contacting our experts.