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SAS Programs

SAS programs create and read datasets into the memory. Once the data has been stored in memory, it can then be analyzed. If you want to create a SAS program, you have to follow three simple steps:

  • Data – This is where we create a dataset that will become our data analysis source
  • Proc – The proc stage involves analyzing data from step one
  • Output – This step displays the results of the analysis of the proc stage

Every program in SAS should have all these three stages. This will ensure that it completes all the steps of reading, analyzing, and displaying results.

Producing Reports in SAS

SAS offers a rich set of tools that you can use to write programs, analyze data and generate reports. A SAS procedure normally has a standard format for displaying output. The REPORT and TABULATE procedures allow you to customize the layout of the output. If you want to customize and select the output report, then you can use the ODS and DATA steps features that are flexible. Examples of reports that can be generated in SAS include detailed reports, summary reports, customized reports, and multipanel reports.

Conditional Processing

In SAS, conditional processing is a technique used to modify data and display only a portion of the data as results instead of the entire file. Apart from the WHERE statement, SAS also supports the IF statement. Both of these statements can be used to fulfill the same task. However, it is only WHERE that can be used in the Proc step. If you use an IF statement in the Proc step, you will notice that the statement turns red. This means that the syntax is incorrect.