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MyMathLab is an online education program offered by Pearson Education to supplement its published math and statistics textbooks. The Pearson education program offers online homework, an assessment system, and tutorials that help students improve their knowledge of mathematical concepts. MyMathLab provides students with multimedia resources such as animations, video lectures, and eBooks to help enhance their understanding of the concepts and overall performance. It also gives professors the tools they need to administer their lessons online, whether at home or in a classroom setting. Not only that. With the online grade book provided by this education system, lecturers can easily keep track of their student's performance.

The different MyMathLab products

MyLab Math and MyLab Statistics These two products provide lecturers with the tools they need to administer their lessons online. Professors can easily assign online homework, essay questions, quizzes, and tests, with exercises accompanied with an optional sample problem or guided solution. MyLab Math and MyLab Statistics programs also include resources to help students, such as statistical software and Java applets. Each program has an online grading book that automatically tracks the solutions generated by students and allows the professors to choose how they want to calculate the final grades.
MyLab Plus This online learning and teaching environment provides students and professors access to the rich suite of online resources provided by Pearson, including multiple collaboration, assessment, and interaction tools. MyLab Plus is also designed to support commercial programs developed using Pearson’s MyLab products.
MathXL The MathXL tool offers a powerful online homework and assessment system and tutorials accompanying Pearson's math and statistics textbooks. This tool lets lecturers create, edit, and issue online assignments using algorithmically generated exercises that correlate with their textbooks. All the work done by students is tracked using the MathXL grade book online. Students can do a MathXL assessment and receive personalized study plans according to them and their needs in regards to their assessment results.
MathXL for School The Pearson education system has not catered to campus students only; it also has something for high school and middle school students. This MathXL version provides online assessment and homework programs for middle and high school scholars of all levels. Teachers can use MathXL for School to create and assign online tests and assignments and quickly identify weaknesses in students.
MyMath Test This product is designed for instructors to assess the student's math skills and knowledge and place them in the most appropriate courses. Professors can use online test banks to create tests that weigh the scholars' skills at different levels of math, such as the developmental math level or calculus level.
StatCrunch This web-based statistical program allows data analysts to carry out complex analyses, create compelling reports of their analysis, and share these results with others. Users can search the large library of publicly available data sets for their most preferred set or upload their own.

What MyMathLab offers to students and professors

MyMathLab provides an excellent academic environment for both students and instructors. Here is what students can do with this program:
  1. Learn and practice mathematics concepts wherever and whenever they want, and importantly, at their own pace
  2. Tackle unlimited tutorial exercises that correlate to what is in their textbooks and receive instant feedback on their answers
  3. Get a study plan that is personalized to their needs to diagnose areas that they need more practice.
  4. Access multimedia textbooks with links to videos, animations, and other learning aids
  5. Use virtual classrooms, discussion boards, and other online tools to communicate with lecturers and other students.

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Advantages of MyMathLab

MyMathLab has several advantages that make it a go-to option for people looking to embrace the online education system. Here are a few:
  • Ease of access: MyMathLab can be accessed anywhere, anytime. The eText feature provides by the Pearson’s enables students to read their textbooks online for the lifetime of their course.
  • Content is easily scalable and shareable: Professors can customize a course and use the same settings to create and share other courses in the succeeding semesters. In other words, they can copy their existing course, save all the customizations, and share them with other lecturers and instructors.

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What professors can do with MyMathLab

  • Administer the entire course or a part of it online regardless of whether the course is based in the traditional classroom, lab, or a combination of the two
  • Create and issue online assignments, tests, and quizzes that are fully correlated to the textbooks and which are later graded automatically
  • Manage students’ results with a robust online grading system specifically designed for mathematics and statistics
  • Customize their course as much as they like based on the syllabus and their students’ needs
  • Use the communication tools provided by the program to create a supportive community for their students.
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