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MS Excel is one of the most important statistical tools used for different kind of analyses.  Applications of Excel in statistics consist of Regression Analysis, Hypothesis Testing, Linear Programming, Descriptive Statistics and Time Series etc.

Our Excel assignment and Excel homework help tutors are very well experienced and hold PhD or Masters’ degrees in Statistics. They are equally proficient in MS Excel and have delivered number of assignments on Statistics that require the application of MS Excel. We follow the unique step be step approach to provide detailed solutions for all your needs in Excel. Our Excel Homework Help and Excel Assignment help section has been designed to guide through all of your Excel homework help, Excel assignment help, Excel term paper help and Excel project paper problems. Our Excel experts are available 24×7 to help high school/ college/ university students with their Excel assignments. Along with Undergraduate Statistics Homework Help and Graduate Statistics Assignment Help we also provide Online MS Excel tutoring for high school, Undergraduate, Graduate and PhD level students.

Following is the list of comprehensive topics in which we offer the quality solutions:

  • Linear Programming
  • Integer Programming
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Chi-squared test.
  • Correlation
  • Covariance
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Exponential Smoothing
  • Fourier Analysis
  • F-Test Two-Sample for Variances
  • Histogram
  • Linear Regression
  • means and standard deviations
  • Moving Average
  • One-way ANOVA
  • paired t-test
  • Random Number Generation
  • Rank and Percentile
  • Regression
  • Sampling
  • Simple Frequencies
  • t-Test: Paired Two Sample for Means
  • t-Test: Two Sample Assuming Equal Variances—
  • t-Test: Two Sample Assuming Unequal Variances
  • two sample t-test
  • Two-Factor ANOVA with Replicates
  • Two-Factor ANOVA Without Replication
  • z-Test: Two Sample for Means

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