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Excel is a statistical software or data manipulation program provided by Microsoft to help in the recording and analysis of numerical data. The software allows users to perform basic arithmetic calculations, create pivot  tables, use graphical tools, and create macros. Excel has similar features as all spreadsheets applications out there. It uses a collection of cells organized into rows and columns to record, analyze, and present data. Data can be represented as histograms, charts, line graphs, and many other different forms.

Excel is one of the tools used by students for data analysis. But for you to use this software, you first need to know how it works. While Excel may seem like an easy program to use, some students still find difficulties understanding how to apply some of its formulas and functions in data analysis to achieve the desired results. That’s why there has been a constant need for professional excel help for many years. Statistics Assignment Experts provide help with excel to students who need professional guidance on the subject. Our online tutoring and assignment writing platform has been operational for close to 10 years now, catering to students of all academic levels. If you are lagging behind your class because you can’t get a hang of excel concepts or just can’t seem to get your assignments done, hit us up for exclusive excel help.

Common Uses Of Excel Today

Excel is a popular software in data analysis. It is used in businesses and organization to perform the following functions:

  • Data entry and storage: Excel is a great tool for collecting and storing data. Features likeData Form make data entry and viewing effortless because users can build customized forms that meet their specific needs.
  • Quick totals: Excel enables you to get the grand total of data. The Auto Sum option provides users with a quick sum of numbers to make their calculation easy and time-saving.
  • Data analysis and interpretation: The Excel spreadsheet contains formulas that help users to manipulate data and find trends in data. Features like Pivot table allows for quick analysis and interpretation of numbers, which is vital for decision making in the corporate world.
  • Data filtering: The filter option in excel allows users to filter data in specific rows to meet different needs. You can add a filter to asingle column of data or multiple columns based on the results you hope to achieve.
  • Data recovery: Another important feature in excel is data recovery. Suppose you just saved your research data in an excel sheet and somehow the file gets damaged or the data gets lost. The new Excel XML format can help you restore your data or fix the damaged file.
  • Managing expenses: Excel is great at managing expenses. Let’s say you want to know how spend your pocket money every month. You can enter your monthly pocket money together with your expenses in an excel table to know how much money gets spent where. As a result, you will be able to control your expenses accordingly.
  • Data security: Excel provides security for stored files to make sure that your data is always protected. You can password-protect your data directly within excel or through visual basic programming. Everyone wants his/her data to be safe from unauthorized access and excel solves this problem perfectly.

There are many more ways that MS Excel is used in our day-to-day lives which we haven’t discussed here. If you would like further assistance on Excel and its applications, feel free to take help with excel from our experts.

Why Is Learning Excel Important?

Almost everything we do in our lives involves numbers. Think about calculating your daily expenses, knowing how far you are from school, or counting the number of days you have to your next exam. All this gets you dealing in numbers and Excel is handy tool to help you record, analyze and store your numeric data.

There are several ways through which you can obtain Microsoft Excel. For instance, you can buy it from any hardware shop that sells computers and their software. You can also download it from the official Microsoft website, but this will require you to buy a license key as well. Excel is also a member of the Microsoft Office family, so if you have the MS Office suite of programs, then you automatically have Excel.

Best Practices When Using MS Excel

Like any other data analysis program, getting the right results in Excel will be determined by how well you can use the program. Here are a few things to keep in mind when working with MS Excel:

  • Use description names for both your data columns and worksheets
  • If the higher versions of Excel is not what you are currently using, make sure you are saving your files as .xls to allow compatibility.
  • Avoid using complex formulas in your data analysis especially when dealing with many variables
  • Whenever possible, use the already provided functions rather than writing your own formulas

The Significance Of Excel In Finance and Accounting

Excel is widely used in the finance andaccounting industry. In fact, there are many organizations that use the program to run their entire accounting, forecasting, and budgeting functions. Of course, there are many excel alternatives that these organizations can use for their financial functions but excel still proves unbeatable in terms of its robustness and openness. Investment bankers, accountants, and data analysts rely on Excel to perform their day-to-day job functions such as:

  • Determining profit and loss
  • Calculating repayment plans for mortgages and loans
  • Predicting financial risks, and more

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Data Types And Functions In Excel

A Microsoft Excel cell can hold different types of data and functions such as:

  • Text
  • Numbers
  • Dates and times
  • Formulas
  • Boolean values

Formulas are used to perform calculations and incorporate data that is located on different cells. These cells may be situated in a different workbooks or worksheets. To create a formula, enter an equal sign in the cell or cells where you need the answer displayed. A formula may contain a cell reference to where the data is located and one or multiple spreadsheet functions.

Topics Covered By Our Excel Help Experts

Statistics Assignment Experts offers help with excel on various topics. Some of the most common areas on which students have sought assignment writing and online tutoring include:

  • Optimization add-in
  • PowerShell optimization
  • FRM
  • Excel solver
  • Add-in creation
  • Pivot tables
  • Macros
  • Pearson and MyITLab projects
  • Excel VBA optimization
  • Mortgage calculation
  • Amortization tables
  • Linear programming
  • Economics data analysis
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Regression analysis
  • Forms and graphs
  • Inferential statistics

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