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Table Of Contents
  • Authentic and Affordable Excel Homework Help
  • Pivot Tables
  • Excel Solver
  • Macros

Authentic and Affordable Excel Homework Help

There's a constant need for professional excel homework help among students across the globe. While Excel may seem like an easy program to use, some students still find difficulties understanding how to apply some of its formulas and functions in data analysis to achieve the desired results. We have dedicated our time and resources to provide such students with the finest help with excel assignments. Our online excel tutoring services have been accessible and available to students from all backgrounds for close to 10 years now. If you are lagging behind your class because you can’t get a hang of excel concepts or just can’t seem to get your assignments done, hit us up for exclusive excel help.

Pivot Tables

A pivot table is a data analysis tool in Excel that can be used to pass information. These tables summarize, reorganizes, sort, group ad average data. Pivot tables also allow users to convert columns into rows and perform advanced computations on them. Since pivot tables are used to provide a summary of data, it is a quick and easy way of finding unique values in a table column. Pivot tables are also excellent at revealing typos and inconsistencies.

Excel Solver

An MS Excel Solver is an add-in tool that supports what-if analysis. It can be used to compute the maximum or minimum value for an objective cell's formula. This calculation is however a subject to limits or constraints. The Excel solver works alongside decision variable cells. These cells are used to calculate the formulas in the constraint cells. You can produce the results you want for the constraint cell by using the solver to adjust the values in the decision variable cells.


Macro is just a series of instructions that are executed by Excel when it is told to. Once you create a Macro, the instructions will be executed step by step on any data that is provided. A macro saves you time because Excel will do all the instructions. It is well suited for tasks that follow the same sequence of steps regularly. You can use Macros for a wide range of work including filtering and sorting, formatting fresh data, using time series functions on your sheets, etc.