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  • Quantitative Methods Assignment Help: Quantitative Methods Homework Help

Quantitative Methods Assignment Help: Quantitative Methods Homework Help

Research methods are general classified into two major categories – quantitative and qualitative methods. Quantitative methods explain a phenomenon by collecting numerical data that is analyzed using statistical and mathematical methods. Qualitative methods on the other hand seek to answer questions that address human behavior, like why people spend too much on certain products, why there are more people in urban and rural areas, and so forth. What method you choose for your research paper will depend on the questions of your research, your preference, and your ability to use that specific method. In this page, we look at quantitative methods in depth so that you can understand their concepts better. We also aim at providing quantitative methods assignment help to students who need assistance on the same.


Types Of Quantitative Methods?

There are four main types of quantitative research methods:

  • Descriptive research: Used to identify the core characteristics of the variables available in a dataset
  • Correlation research: Examines the relationship between variables in a set of data
  • Quasi-experiment (causal-comparative): Used to study the effect of an independent variable on the response variable
  • Experimental research: Involves applying different methods to determine the cause-effect relationships among variables

Any assignment that involves the application of statistical and mathematical concepts to arrive at the solution always gets students panicking. Quantitative methods assignments fall under this category and students need adequate knowledge of the statistical tools, formulas, and techniques used to solve these assignments. Also, they need to dedicate enough time to researching and drafting the content. Not every student is familiar with the techniques of preparing quantitative methods assignments and not everyone is willing to commit to the demanding task of writing these papers. That’s why there has been a rise in demand for quantitative methods assignment help, since seeking professional assistance is the only way to ensure perfect and timely completion of these projects.

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Quantitative Methods Assignment Topics Covered By Our Experts

We have delivered countless orders on quantitative methods assignments to students of different academic levels, and on topics of different complexity levels. Among these topics include:

Data analysis

  • Sampling methods (cluster, stratified, random, and more)
  • Histograms: Graphical representation of data using varying bars and heights
  • Stem and leaf: A special type of table where the first digit of a number is denoted as the ‘stem’ and the last digit the ‘leaf’
  • Normality tests: A statistical method used to determine whether a certain set of data fits a given normal distribution of data.
  • Box Plot: A graphical representation of a given statistical measurement such as median, maximum, and minimum data values, upper and lower quartiles, etc.

Measures Of Central Tendency

  • Mode, median, and mean: The most commonly used measures of central tendency. The mode is the value or number that occurs often in a given set of data, the median is the value in the middle, and the mean is the average.
  • Standard deviation: The measure of how values are distributed or spread out
  • Law of large numbers: A theorem that explains the result of carrying out the same experiment for a large number of times
  • Normal distribution: A statistical function that explains how different values of a certain variable are distributed.

Other topics on which we have provided remarkable quantitative methods homework help include:


  • Stepwise regression
  • Sample regression
  • Polynomial regression
  • Multiple regression

Regression analysis

  • Coefficient of determination
  • Coefficient of correlation
  • Logistic regression multiple regression

Hypothesis testing

  • Z-Test
  • F-Test
  • T-Test
  • Chi-Square Test
  • Unequal variances
  • Pooled variances

Probability Distributions

  • Standard normal
  • Exponential distribution
  • Poisson distribution
  • Binomial distribution


  • Randomness
  • Inverse probability
  • Not mutually exclusive events
  • Mutual exclusive events
  • Confidential probability
  • Independent events

Linear programming

  • Integer programming
  • Non-linear programming
  • Simplex analysis
  • Linear optimization
  • Sensitive analysis

Analysis Of Variance (ANOVA)

  • Randomized block ANOVA
  • One way ANOVA
  • Two way ANOVA

Confidence intervals

  • Confidence intervals for known population mean
  • Confidence intervals for the unknown population mean
  • Sample size determination

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