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  • MegaStat Assignment Help

MegaStat Assignment Help

MegaStat Assignment Help

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What is MegaStat?

Megastat is an add-in in excel. It allows statisticians to perform statistical analyses in the excel workbook. Megastat is a widely used analytical tool because it is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. You can use this top-rated tool to handle problems related to inferential and descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, and probability & frequency distribution calculations. Our megastat assignment help experts can assist you with assignments related to all these topics. You do not have to continue scoring poor grades in your homework anymore. Place your order with us today and get to impress your professor with perfectly-crafted solutions.

Advantages of MegaStat

  • Megastat is an upgrade to the standard excel. It can perform calculations and operations which are otherwise impossible to carry out in excel.
  • Analysts can use the AutoExpand feature to select data briskly
  • Megastat has a rich array of tools that support statistical concepts such as time series and quality control process charts. These tools are unique to megastat and are not available in conventional data analysis tools.

Software features of Megastat

As mentioned above, most statisticians prefer megastat to other analysis software. Our statistics experts have listed below some of the features that make megastat quite famous:

  • After conducting data analysis, the researcher can project the output in an excel sheet and format it perfectly
  • In statistics, time is the essence. The AutoExpand feature in megastat allows analysts to select data at a faster pace
  • It is easy to detect data labels
  • Megastat also boasts of add-ins that can be accessed on its menu bar. These tools are separate from those in excel.
  • It has a step-wise selection procedure which can be used in regression analysis
  • Megastat supports non-parametric tests, Chi-Square, cross tabs, etc.

How to install MegaStat

Megastat is available online in a compressed format. The file comprises of megastat excel add-in and the help file. All you have to do is download the file, unzip it and save it in your local system. The Excel add-in MegaStat.xla will be moved to the C drive under Add-Ins available. If you encounter any problem with installing MegaStat, or do not have access to the zipped file, get in touch with us. Our statistics homework helpers will make sure that your assignment is completed within your deadline.

The Data Analysis packages in MegaStat

Here are some of the data analysis tools that are available in megastat:

  • Descriptive statistics

You can use megastat to generate summary statistics tables and graphs such as curve plot, box plot, leaf plot, etc.

  • Frequency distribution

Megastat can perform both qualitative and quantitative distributions

  • Probability

You can use this tool to handle problems based on discrete and continuous probability distribution

  • Confidence intervals and quick sample size

Sample sizes can be quickly calculated in megastat. You can also find the intervals for both proportions and means.

  • Hypothesis tests

Megastat allows you to carry out both large and small sample tests. This includes two mean tests and single mean tests


It supports randomized block ANOVA, one-factor ANOVA, and two-factor ANOVA

  • Time-series

Megastat has tools that support moving average, trend line curve fitting, desesonalization, exponential smoothing, etc.

  • Regression

This package has tools for regression analysis, scatter plot, and correlation matrix

  • Chi-square

Analysts can use this package for the goodness of fit tests, cross-tabulation, and contingency table

  • Non-parametric tests

Megastat can be used to carry out a variety of non-parametric tests, including the Mann-Whitney test, Sign test, Run test, Kruskal test, etc.

  • Quality control process tests

This package comprises of Xbar, R chart, C-chart, and P-chart.

  • Generating random numbers

You can use megastat to generate random numbers in uniform, normal and exponential distribution

If you are not well-versed with these packages, do not fret. Our statistics assignment writers are here round the clock to assist you with your assignment. Send us a message saying, "do my statistics assignment." Our customer support team will make sure that the best experts in the field handle your assignment.

We offer comprehensive help with MegaStat assignment in the following topics

Popular Topics In MegaStat

  • Kendall Coefficient of Concordance
  • Fisher Exact Test
  • Frequency Distributions
  • Generate Random Numbers
  • Probability and Probability Distributions
  • Scatterplot and Regression
  • Poisson Distribution
  • Probability
  • Chi-square Analysis and Crosstabulation
  • Introduction and Descriptive Statistics
  • Multiple Regression
  • Quality Control Process Charts
  • Linear Regression
  • Scatterplot and Regression
  • Chi-Square Tests
  • Correlation / Regression
  • Confidence Intervals and Sample
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Hypothesis Tests
  • Spearman Coefficient of Rank Correlation
  • One-Factor ANOVA
  • Randomized Blocks ANOVA
  • Two Factor ANOVA
  • Hypothesis Testing and ANOVA
  • Runs Test for Random Sequence
  • Wilcoxon – Mann/Whitney Test
  • Wilcoxon – Signed Rank Test
  • Kruskal – Wallis Test
  • Friedman Test
  • Time Series / Forecasting

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