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Frequency Distribution

A frequency distribution is a statistical tool that provides a summary of all the specific values in a particular variable and their frequency of occurrence. In simple terms, it highlights the distribution of frequencies overvalues. A frequency distribution is normally recommended for categorical variables. This is because metric variables have several unique values. If you want to visualize frequencies for interval values instead of distinct values, then you should opt for histograms.

Probability Theory

Probability is the likelihood of some event to occur. Probability theory is a concept in mathematics that deals with the evaluation of random events. It is impossible to determine the result of a random phenomenon before it occurs. However, the result may be among one of the several possible outcomes that we predicted. The actual outcome can only be determined by chance.

Hypothesis Testing

Every quantitative research attempts to provide answers to the hypothesis or research question that has been set. Hypothesis testing is a method that is used to analyze and evaluate a research question. It is sometimes referred to as significance testing. Hypothesis testing is a process and the first step is setting the research hypothesis. You should note that the choices you will make in hypothesis testing can sometimes be personal and subjective. Meaning that they are guided by some external information.