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  • Our Financial Statistics Assignment Help Service Covers all Aspects of Financial Ratios.
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Looking for Financial Statistics Assignment help from Professional Writers? Hire Our Tutors for Quality Solutions

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Financial Statistics Assignment Help
Financial statistics can be categorized into;
  • Global or national statistics
  • Industrial or market statistics
  • Financial ratios

Our Financial Statistics Assignment Help Service Covers all Aspects of Financial Ratios.

The performance of a firm or a company can be projected through financial ratios. Financial ratios provide relevant statistics that relate to profitability and other characteristics of the firm that pinpoints reasons for its financial health. There is a perception between students that the finances give students a hard time. As much as they are challenging, many students still get good grades and secure top jobs. Many students seek help in financial statistics to ensure that they have their work completed on time and with all the instructions followed. This is exactly what we offer. We are a team of experienced financial statistics homework help experts providing high-quality solutions to students at subsidized prices. Having been in this field for more than a decade, we have what it takes to guarantee you a top grade. Our experts have the knowledge and experience.

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Classifications of financial ration

  1. Liquidity ratios - provides an assessment of a firm's ability to meet its short-term financial obligations using its liquid assets.
  2. Activity ratios – Assess how a firm uses its assets to generate sales and revenues.
  3. Leverage ratios – Provide an assessment of how the financing structure of firm influence profits. It also focuses on how a firm's assets are financed.

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Economic Indicators in Financial Statistics

Gross Domestic Product   This is a statistic that forecasts the growth rate in gross domestic product. GDP is an aggregate measure of all the output of a national economy. Some of the sub-divisions of GDP are exports and government spending.
Exchange rates   This is the price of a country's currency in terms of another. The exchange rate statistics provide investors with information about the value of their assets in other countries. Apart from assessing the real value of their financial assets, investors also get to understand capital flows and international trade better. Exchange rate statistics are often reported daily in periodicals and newspapers.
Interest rates   Interest rates are another continuous source of financial information. It represents the value of money in a specific currency and includes premiums for risk or default. Interest rates are usually reported using a yield curve. This curve can be used to represent the relationship between the maturity of bonds and the rate of return implied on its current price. A yield curve can only be used on different securities with different maturities if the securities have similar default risk.

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Global or National Statistics

Focuses on the behavior of economic conditions or businesses that impact the value of securities in general. This area has a series of economic indicators that assess the economy's position within the current business cycle. These indicators provide vital information on the likelihood of deterioration or improvement of an economy. Additionally, it confirms the current status of the economy. The National Bureau of Economic research uses several measures of economic activity to track the state of the national economy. These measures can be divided into three categories, namely:
  • Leading economic indicators – these indicators correlate with the patterns of future economic activities.
  • Coincident indicators – Confirms the current status of the economy. Examples include the level of employment and production by industries.
  • Lagging indicators – Such indicators confirm that the economy has passed through a particular business cycle phase. They react after a change in an economic condition has already been realized. For example, the average duration of employment.

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