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Introduction to asset markets

Individuals, corporations and even the governments trade assets in markets around the globe. For example, there are several potential buyers who are usually interested in stocks and government bonds. This means that asset markets are competitive and heavily rely on demand and supply concepts.

Asset Market Model Theory

This model suggests that the flow of funds into financial markets such as bonds and equities increases when the currency is in demand and vice-versa. The asset market model theory has been proven to work in developed countries such as the USA, Japan and the Eurozone. In developed countries, both institutional and public investors hold their funds in stocks and bonds. These investment products often cut down the amount of funds exchanged as a result of export and import products.

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A case study of the USA

A couple of years ago, renowned pundits predicted the likely fall of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency because of the ever-increasing current account deficit of the U.S. Today, one can conclude that the high debt level has affected economic growth, interest rates and inflation in the USA. The risk of dollar devaluation has increased because of foreign investors who gradually withdraw their funds from the U.S. bonds and equities.

According to, the dollar plummeted against the Euro between 2007 and 2009 primarily because of the sub-prime mortgage crisis and the widening current account deficit. However, it bounced back in late December 2009. This was due to the sovereign debt default by the Greek and other European nation like Portugal and Spain, which plagued the Euro around this period.

The U.S. government issued bonds markets are usually considered a safe haven. A classical move often made by investors during times of uncertainties is to move their funds to an investment with lower risks such as the U.S. government bonds. This is one of the reasons why the dollar has been rising above the Euro and other global currencies despite the Federation’s massive budget deficit.

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Some of the limitations of the asset market model theory

  • The theory is still new and needs time to be made fool proof
  • Establishing a relationship between a country’s currency performance and equity market performance, in the long run, is quite complicated

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