Quantitative Analysis Assignment Help

Quantitative Analysis Assignment Help

Are you a student in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. and struggling with your quantitative assignment? Hire our top-notch quantitative analysts and get to submit top-notch solutions on the dot. Here at Statisticsassignmentexpert.com, we can help you write term papers, dissertations, essays, theses, coursework and research papers related to quantitative assignments. So if your dream is to secure excellent grades in your assignments without much hassle, avail of our quantitative analysis assignment help. Before we dive deep into what our services are all about, let us first give you an overview of this popular subject.

Definition of quantitative analysis

Quantitative analysis is the statistical, economic and financial analysis of behavior and events. In the business world, it involves collecting, studying and evaluating verifiable data such as wages, market share, revenue, etc. to understand the performance of the firm. In the past, corporate managers relied on their experience and instinct when making strategic decisions. However, a lot has changed especially in data technology.  Stakeholders and management team of various reputable companies across the globe now use quantitative analysis to make better and informed decisions.

If you aspire to be a quantitative analyst, then your future task will be to present a given hypothetical situation in terms of numbers. Professionals in this filed assess financial instruments of the company and make predictions using the techniques mentioned below:

Quantitative Analysis Techniques

  • Regression Analysis

This is a conventional yet popular technique that is employed by economists, business owners and statisticians. Regression analysis is the use of statistical equations to estimate and predict the impact of one variable on another. For example, quantitative analysts use this technique to determine how the interest charged affect the behaviour of consumers in asset investment. Another typical application of regression analysis is in establishing how education and work experience affect the annual earnings of employees.

Regression analysis is often used to determine whether there is a negative or positive correlation between variables. In the marketing sector, strategists usually use regression analysis to establish if advertising has any impact on the profits of the business.

  • Linear Programming

It is common for most firms to occasionally encounter a shortage of resources such as labour, production machinery, space and other facilities. For this reason, most companies strive to allocate resources effectively. Linear programming is one of the quantitative methods that can help them attain an optimal solution. This technique is useful in assisting companies to reduce operating costs and make optimal profits.

  • Data Mining

Data mining requires critical skills in programming and statistics. Its popularity has gone through the roof because most companies deal with vast data. Data mining is a handy and effective quantitative technique that is used to find correlations concealed in large data sets.

These are only but a couple of quantitative methods that you have to be well-versed in if you are to ace all your assignments. There is more that our statistics tutors have not mentioned here deliberately because of space and time. However, feel free to get our quantitative homework help even when faced with complicated assignments related to the techniques not mentioned here.

Applications of Quantitative Analysis

In uncertainty situations, business owners have to come up with formidable solutions. Luckily for them, there are a plethora of quantitative techniques that can be used to make the best estimates and minimize risks associated with specific decisions. Quantitative methods are ideal for helping firms understand events and make the best possible decisions.

According to our statistics assignment writing professionals, here are some of the renowned applications of quantitative analysis:

  • Project management

Quantitative analysis is considered an indispensable tool in this area. Project management professionals use it to find excellent ways of allocating scarce resources optimally. Additionally, projects can be scheduled based on the available resources.

  • Planning of the production process

Quantitative analysis tools are also used to make informed decisions related to production planning. Companies employ these techniques to assess the cost, timing, location and other vital factors of production. This enables them to maximize their profits while also meeting the needs of their customers.

  • Marketing

A proper marketing strategy is essential if a business is to gain a competitive advantage over its peers. Marketing strategists can use quantitative analysis to formulate a viable budget and allocate the required media purchases. They can also evaluate data obtained from previous marketing campaigns to make this tricky process hassle-free.

  • Finance

Various quantitative methods, such as the discounted cash flow model are used by finance personnel to estimate the value of an investment. Such tools can also be used to know the financial position of the company. The management can compare the cost incurred in production with the profits generated to tell if the company is meeting its set objectives.

  • Purchase and inventory

Predicting the demand for a service or product is a daunting task for most businesses. However, with the help of quantitative analysis methods, companies can estimate the inventory they should maintain, shipping costs and the expenses of storing the finished goods.

Statistics Assignment Experts offers top-class quantitative analysis homework help. If you are a student of statistics who is not adept at analyzing data and working with numbers, our experts can help you sharpen your skills. The solutions prepared by our online statistics assignment helpers are accurate, thoroughly researched and detailed. You can easily follow the whole process followed to arrive at the answer.

Moreover, we also have an archive of samples on typical quantitative analysis topics such as:

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  • Exploratory data analysis
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  • Generalized additive models
  • Non-Parametric tests
  • Forecasting

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