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Kalman Filter and Particle Filter Assignment Help

Kalman and particle filters are optimal estimation algorithms that play a critical role in our everyday life. For example, imagine that you are riding in a driverless car and about to go through a long tunnel. The vehicle will use special features such as GPS sensors, cameras, and accelerometers to track its position and interact with other road users. However, GPS signals become weaker in long tunnels because of interferences. So what could we possibly do to solve this problem? Well, we can use either the Kalman Filter or the Particle Filter.

The Kalman Filter

The Kalman Filter uses consecutive data inputs and a set of equations to determine or estimate the velocity and true position of an object. It is an iterative mathematical process applied when the measured values are erroneous or contain uncertainties.

The Kalman Filters are also commonly applied in Robotics and reinforcement learning. For example, in SLAM Systems. It can be used to monitor the movements of a swarm of robots in a particular environment. Additionally, the Kalman Filter is used to track various software agents in reinforcement learning.

These Filters are almost similar to Machine Learning models. They are fed with some input data, perform calculations, and provide an estimate. This process is iteratively repeated to reduce the final loss. Our Statistics tutors have simplified the process performed by Kalman Filter into the following steps:
  • Kalman Gain Calculation
This calculation is done using the error in the estimation and the input data.

Current estimate calculation

The calculation here is performed using the raw input data, the Kalman Gain, and the previous estimate.
  • Estimation error calculation
This is finally computed using our current estimate and the Kalman Gain.
The figure below shows a brief summary of the same.

There are a variety of Kalman Filters. Some of them are Extended Kalman, Linear Kalman, and Unscented Kalman. is the best place to visit when you need professional Kalman particle assignment help. We boast of experts who are acquainted with all these concepts. They compute your assignment and make sure that you submit excellent solutions.

The main shortcoming of Kalman Filters is it can only model situations that can be described in terms of Gaussian noises. However, non-Gaussian processes can also be transformed into Gaussian terms using logarithmic transformations, square root, etc. To overcome this limitation, the Particle Filter is an alternative method that can be used.

Particle Filter

Although Particle Filters can be used to solve non-Gaussian noise problems, generally, they are computationally more expensive than Kalman Filters. Particle Filters use simulation methods rather than analytical equations to solve estimation tasks.

Some of the renowned areas where Particle Filters are mostly used include:
    • Direct global policy search of Robots Localization
    • Stochastic Processes analysis in Financial Marketing
  • Reinforcement learning
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Particle Filters use the concepts of Monte Carlo methods. They handle non-Gaussian problems by discretizing original data into particles. The different particles represent different states. The Particle Filter will be able to handle any possible type of distribution if the particles are greater in number.

Just like the Kalman Filters, Particle Filters also produce estimations from an iterative process. There are three main steps involved in each iteration. Our statistics assignment helpers have broken them down below:
  • Multiple particles or samples are taken from an original distribution
  • The sampled particles are weighted in the order of importance. The more the particles in a given interval, the higher their probability density.
  • Apply the theory of evolutionary algorithms: Only the fittest elements of a population survive. You can do this by resampling and replacing particles with more likely ones.
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  • Square root form
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  • Rauch–Tung–Striebel
  • Modified Bryson–Frazier smoother
  • Kalman–Bucy filter
  • Hybrid Kalman filter
  • Monte Carlo approximation
  • Sequential Importance Resampling (SIR)
  • Sequential Importance Sampling (SIS)
  • Direct Version Alogrithm
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