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  • Computational Methods in Finance and Insurance

Computational Methods in Finance and Insurance

Computational finance is a branch of applied computer science that deals with problems of practical interest in finance. Some slightly different definitions are the study of data and algorithms currently used in finance and the mathematics of computer programs that realize financial models or systems. Computational finance emphasizes practical numerical methods rather than mathematical proofs and focuses on techniques that apply directly to economic analyses. It is an interdisciplinary field between mathematical finance and numerical methods. Two major areas are efficient and accurate computation of fair values of financial securities and the modeling of stochastic price series. Finance and Insurance in relation to the statistics find the application of Monte Carlo Simulation and at Risk to a great extent. Our Statistics experts and Statistics online tutors being adept in modern software can cater to the entire array of your needs in Computational methods in finance and insurance such as homework help, assignment help, dissertation help, quizzes preparation help etc. Following is the list of comprehensive topics in which we offer quality solutions:
  • Finite difference schemes for the solution of ordinary and partial differential equations arising in insurance and finance
  • Stochastic Modeling and Bayesian Inference
  • STATDISK assignment help
  • Minitab assignment help
  • Random number generation
  • Applied Business Research and Statistics
  • Stata assignment help
  • R code and S-Plus assignment help
  • POM/QM assignment help
  • Mathematical assignment help
  • Factor Analysis
  • Scaling of Scores and Ratings
  • SPSS assignment help
  • Matlab assignment help
  • Numerical solutions to stochastic differential equations and their implementation