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Table Of Contents
  • Biostatistics Assignment Help

Biostatistics Assignment Help

Following is the list of comprehensive topics in which we offer quality solutions:

Probability in Health and Medicine

  • Medical uncertainties and probability
  • Elementary laws of probability
  • Bayes' Rule
  • Sensitivity-specificity of a medical test
  • Positive and negative predictive value
  • Effect of prevalence

Confidence Intervals

  • Sampling distributions and SEs
  • Large sample CI for one-sample mean and proportion
  • Exact CI for proportion and median
  • Large sample CI for differences between means and proportions
  • The sample size for estimation

Statistical vs. Medical Significance

  • P-value and level of significance
  • The concept of statistical power
  • Medical vs. statistical significance
  • The sample size for significance and power analysis
  • Chi-square test for simple situations

Some Statistical Tests for Quantitative Data

  • Student's t-test for one-sample and two-sample situations
  • ANOVA for one-way and two-way tables
  • Tukey test and Bonferroni procedures for multiple comparisons
  • Test for medically significant gain and equivalence test

Introduction to Designs for Clinical Trials

  • Control group
  • Randomization and matching
  • Blinding and masking
  • One-way, two-way, and repeated measures designs
  • Cross-over design

ROC Curves

  • Review of sensitivity-specificity
  • Serial and parallel tests
  • ROC curve
  • Predictivity-based ROC curve
  • Clinical gains from a test

Relative Risk (RR) and Odds Ratio (OR)

  • Definitions and applicability of RR and OR
  • CI and test of hypothesis for RR
  • CI and test of hypothesis for attributable risk
  • CI and test of hypothesis for OR

Introductory Survival Analysis

  • Censored durations and need for special methods
  • Life table method
  • Kaplan-Meier method
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