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Table Of Contents
  • Professional Help with Python Homework
  • Python Identifiers
  • Reserved Words
  • Lines and Indentation
  • Multi-Line Statements

Professional Help with Python Homework

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Python Identifiers

Identifiers in Python are used to pinpoint a function, variable, module, or any other object. Python identifiers can start with any letter of the alphabet (a-z) or an underscore. The name can have more letters, numbers (0-9), or underscores. Punctuation characters like $, @, and % are not allowed. Also, remember that Python is a case-sensitive programming language. For this reason, Expert and expert are considered to be two different identifiers.

Reserved Words

Reserved words are keywords in Python. They cannot be used as variables, constant, or as names of identifiers. All Python keywords are in lowercase. Some of the reserved words in python include continue, del, import, yield, lambda, return, try, global, raise, print, class, assert, finally, exec, and, not except, while, in, is, print, pass, etc.

Lines and Indentation

In python, programmers do not need to use braces for blocks of code indication for either flow control or function definitions. A line of indentation is usually used instead to denote blocks of code. While the indentation's number of spaces varies, the statement in the block of codes should be indented the same number. Hence, we can say that all the continuous lines in python are indented with the same number of spaces.

Multi-Line Statements

In python, statements typically terminate when a new line is started. However, python has the line continuation character (\) that can be used to denote that the line is continuing. You do not need to use the (\) character if your statements are enclosed within the {}, [] or () brackets.