Non-Life Insurance Assignment Help

Non-Life Insurance

Non-life insurance, also called property and casualty insurance, is a type of coverage that is very common and covers businesses and individuals. It protects them, monetarily, from disaster by providing money in the event of a financial loss. Before you purchase this type of insurance or if you already own any kind of non-life insurance, you should understand what it is

In recent times, application of statistics in Non- Life Insurance has become widespread especially in the areas of Investment risk, Reinsurance through a use of Value at Risk.  Our Statistics tutors being proficient in multiple areas i.e. Non-Life Insurance and Statistics can provide you the quality and timely solutions in the form of undergraduate homework help, graduate assignment help, term paper help and exam preparation help.

Following is the lists of comprehensive topics in which we have expertise offering quality solutions:

  • Axiomatic approach to ordering of risk
  • Expected utility
  • Optimal forms of insurance from the insured’s and from the insurer’s point of view
  • Pareto-optimal risk exchanges
  • Statistical Computing and Learning
  • Quality control – R-chart – p-chart – Mean chart
  • Correlation and Causation
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Measures of Central tendency- Mean, Median ,Mode
  • Power and Confidence Intervals
  • Ruin theory in various model scenarios including catastrophe risk and investment risk
  • Application to the issue of optimal reinsurance
  • Confidence Intervals
  • Evaluation of total claims distributions for risk portfolios
  • Value at risk (VAR)
  • Premium principles and ordering of risks (stop-loss, convex, and other orders)