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  • Reliability Theory Assignment Help

Reliability Theory Assignment Help

Reliability theory is an area that applies the mathematical methods in engineering. It is used to handle the following problems:

  • Devising ways of evaluating the reliability of industrial systems
  • Design methods for optimizing and improving the performance of complicated industrial systems. This includes their component elements during operations
  • Come up with ways of evaluating the reliability of manufactured goods.
In this theory, suitable mathematical methods are constructed to introduce quantitative indices of reliability. A reliability theorist must take into consideration factors such as:

  • The purpose of the system
  • Conditions under which the system will operate
  • Economic factors
Reliability theory employs a wide range of mathematical methods, including probability theory and mathematical statistics. This is because it is used to represent random events such as failure, the time before failure, repair time, renewal costs, and many more. Also, reliability theory uses the methods of mathematical logic and optimization theory.
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The Concept of Reliability Theory

Reliability theory’s concept encompasses the following elements:
  • Freedom from failure
  • Long life
  • Amenability to repair
  • However, it is the first element that plays a decisive role. For example, when dealing with disposable commodities, the third element becomes quite unnecessary. Failure (sudden or gradual loss of the ability to operate) is the fundamental notion of reliability theory. The general scheme for constructing mathematical models is based on the formalized description below:
Assume that a pointxdefines the state of an industrial system in a phase space x={x}. A stochastic process x(t), represents the evolution in time of the states. Also, let x0be a distinguished subset of x, consisting of the states that correspond to the occurrence of failure. The freedom from failure means that the property of the system can continuously maintain its operating capacity. The quantitative measure of this index is the elapsed time from a given instant to the time the system enters a state of x0. The long-life element is the ability of the system to maintain its operating capacity with necessary interruptions. Some of these interruptions can be those for repairs and maintenance that are needed to make the system economically viable. The degree or level to which the system lends itself to convenient repair and maintenance determines the amenability to repair. These can be measured quantitatively in terms of the time and cost necessary to keep the system working.

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Procedures for increasing the reliability of industrial systems

The following are some of the procedures that are used to increase the reliability of industrial systems:
  • Standby
This involves the introduction of some kind of redundancy, such as additional elements, devices assemblies, etc. to improve the reliability of a system. In this procedure, one has to consider the following types of standby.
  • Structural (additional equipment). It can be in three states, namely: loaded, fully loaded and partly loaded
  • Temporal (additional time)
  • Informational
  • Functional (exploitation of the functional elements in a system to perform additional functions)
  • Loaded
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  • Preventive inspection and repairs
This procedure is conducted when the system is still performing satisfactorily, but the probability of failure is becoming high. Prevention inspection and repairs are always connected with finding solutions for optimization problems. It involves deciding on when the servicing should begin. The total loss incurred during preventive maintenance and the possible failure before completion of servicing at a given time interval should be on the minimum. The engineers should organize the preventive inspection and repairs such that it maximizes the probability of failure-free operation.

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Reliability theory derives statistical inferences about failure distribution based on data obtained in stand tests. In test class B, failed articles are not replaced by new ones while in test class V, they are replaced by new ones. A stopping rule determines the length of the tests.

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  • Components and systems
  • Coherent systems
  • Reliability coherent systems
  • Cuts and paths
  • Modular decomposition
  • Bounds and system reliability
  • Structural and reliability importance components
  • Life distributions
  • Reliability function
  • Hazard rate
  • Common life distributions
  • Exponential
  • Weibull
  • Gamma etc
  • Notions of aging
  • Increasing failure rate (IFR)
  • Increasing failure rate average (IFRA)
  • Not better than used (NBU)
  • Decreasing mean residual life (DMRL)
  • Classes and their duals
  • Loss of memory
  • Property of the exponential distribution
  • Convolutions and mixtures
  • Univariate shock models and the distributions arising
  • Bivariate shock models
  • Common bivariate exponential distributions
  • Reliability estimation based on failure times in variously censored life tests Stress-strength reliability
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