Probability Distributions Assignment Help

Probability Distributions Assignment Help

Probability Distribution is one of the fundamental concepts in Statistics and is used at both theoretical as well as practical level. It is used to calculate confidence intervals for parameters and to calculate critical regions for hypothesis tests. For univariate data, it is often useful to determine a reasonable distributional model for the data. In the case of a probability distribution, probabilities are assigned to each measurable subset of all of the possible outcomes of an experiment.

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Following is the comprehensive list of topics in which we offer the quality solutions:

  • Fitting distributions to data
  • Jarque-Bera tests
  • One-sided and two-sided Kolmogorov-Smirnov tests
  • Ansari-Bradley tests
  • Generation of random and quasi-random number streams from probability distributions
  • Use statistical plots to evaluate goodness of fit.
  • Chi-Square goodness-of-fit tests
  • Lilliefors tests
  • Probability density functions and Cumulative distribution functions
  • Negative log-likelihood functions
  • Inverse cumulative density functions
  • Cumulative density functions
  • Multivariate distributions: t, normal, copulas, and Wishart
  • Pearson and Johnson systems of distributions
  • Latin hypercube sampling
  • Sampling from finite populations

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