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Credit Default Swap (CDS)

This is a type of financial derivative that permits you to offset your credit risk by swapping it with the credit risk of another investor. For example, most lenders today use CDS when they are worried that the borrower might default on a loan. The banker purchases a credit default swap from another backer who will refund the banker if the loan is not paid. CDS contracts are similar to regular premiums that are paid for insurance policies.

Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS)

MBS investments work the same as bonds. Mortgage-backed securities consist of a batch of home loans bought from the financial institutions and banks that furnished them. MBS guarantees periodic payments to investors. These payments are the same as the bond coupon payments. These types of securities can be considered asset-backed securities. Also, you should note that an MBS is only sound as the mortgages that support it.

Plain Vanilla Swap

This is a simple financial instrument that is usually contracted between two private investors in the over-the-counter market. These investors are usually financial institutions and firms. Examples of plain vanilla swap include foreign currency swap, commodity swap, and interest rate swap. However, in most cases, the term plain vanilla swap is often used to denote swapping an interest rate where a fixed interest rate can be exchanged for a floating interest rate and vice versa.