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P Charts

P-chart is a statistical control tool used to graph defective items in proportions. This chart is founded on the binomial distribution. Meaning, every item on a P-chart has only two possible outcomes, fail or pass. An item can refer to any object or parameter that we wish to include in a chart. P charts are used for several things including:

  • Identifying immediate changes in systems. It should be possible to attribute these changes to a cause
  •  Evaluate why stratification is vital for subgroups such as employees, location, etc.
  • Confirm if the system is under control or stable

R Control charts

R charts examine process variation with regards to the samples drawn from the process are particular times. These periods can be in months, hours, days, shifts, weeks, etc. The samples measured at the given time fall into a subgroup. A sequence of these subgroups can be used to predict the standard deviation of the process. The control limits for the ranges of every subgroup can then be computed using this standard deviation. The process should always be in control during this initial phase.

Process Capability Analysis

Process capability analysis encompasses a set of tools that are used to compute if a process meets the specified limits. In simple terms, we can say that process capability analysis evaluates the performance of a process. It compares the outcome of the process which is represented by sample values distribution to the specified limits. These specified limits are what the researcher aims to achieve. Process capability also sometimes takes into account the specified target.