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Searching For An Affordable Rstudio Assignment Help Service That Provides Quality Work? Hire an Expert from Us
Rstudio is an open-source, free integrated development environment for statistical graphics and computing. Rstudio facilitates the proper functioning of the R programming language.

Versions of Rstudio

  1. Rstudio desktop
    The Rstudio desktop has features such as;
    • Ability to execute R code directly from the source editor
    • Access to Rstudio locally
    • It helps one to jump to function definitions quickly
    • View changes in the content through the visual markdown editor
    • Manage several working directories using projects
    • An interactive debugger to diagnose and fix errors
  2. Rstudio server
    Features of Rstudio server include;
    • Easy access through a web browser
    • Scale compute and RAM centrally
    • Support for OpenID and SAML authentication for single sign-on
    • Advanced resource management
    • Monitoring and metrics

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Parts of Rstudio

The R console tab The R console is used to give R commands and is found at the lower-left window in the Rstudio.
The text editor The text editor is found in the upper left window. In the plain text editor, there are no fonts or formatting.
The file browser tab The file browser tab enables you to open, delete or rename files.
The environment tab The environment tab lists the functions and variables present in the current R session.

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How Much Will You Charge Me To Do My R Assignment Before The Deadline?
R Libraries we can help you with
tidyverse dplyr
ggplot2 tidyr
readr tibble
stringr plotly
stargazer R Markdown

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Popular R-studio add-ins

  1. Bookdown – This is a knitr extension that creates books
  2. Colourpicker – This add-in is used to pick colors for plots
  3. Datasets.load – It’s used in searching and loading datasets
  4. GoogleAuthR – For authentication with Google APIs

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Seeking Rstudio Coursework help? Get Assistance from Experienced Academicians
Importing data in Rstudio
There are two ways in which you can import data in R.
  1. Importing data programmatically through executing this command in the console window on the Rstudio

acs<-read.csv(url("http://stat511.cwick.co.nz/homeworks/acs_or.csv")). You execute the command by pressing enter, and the dataset will be downloaded as a CSV file from the internet and assigned to variable name acs.

  1. By clicking on the import dataset button on the environment tab in Rstudio. After clicking the button select the file, you want to import and then open it. The imported dataset will appear on your screen with an option to import. Before importing, set up the name, preferences of a separator, and any other parameter, and then click the import button. The imported dataset will then appear on your Rstudio.