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Interest is the amount of money charged for using or borrowing someone else’s money. Usually, the amount is quoted as a yearly (annual) rate but it can be calculated for durations that are shorter or longer than one year.

  • When borrowing money: When you borrow money, you need to eventually pay it back. Also, to thank, or rather compensate the lender for taking the risk to lend you that money, you need to pay back more than you borrowed.
  • When lending money: If you have some extra cash, you can lend it out to others yourself, or deposit it in a savings account to let the bank invest the funds or lend it out on your behalf. In return, you will earn an interest.

The amount of interest you pay or earn will depend on:

  • The interest rate
  • The size of the loan
  • The duration it takes to repay

Usually, the higher the rate or the longer the term of the loan, the more the borrower will pay.

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Characteristics Of Interest Rates

There are five key characteristics of interest rates that everyone should know about before applying for a loan or credit. These have been highlighted below by our foundations interest rate and credit risk homework helpers:

  • The amount paid on interest depends on the loan and the terms worked out between the lending party and the borrowing party.
  • The interest is just an amount to compensate the lender for giving you the loan; you will still be required to pay off the principal (the total amount of money borrowed) of the loan.
  • Loan interests are usually determined by the current banking interest rates
  • The interest rate on an auto loan, credit card, or any other type of loan will also depend largely on the borrower’s credit score
  • In some cases such as credit cards, the interest rate can go higher if the borrower is late to make the payment or doesn’t make the payment.

Types Of Interests Charged On Consumers

There are various types of interests charged on consumers by moneylenders today. Here is a breakdown of these and how each can affect people seeking a loan or credit:

  • Fixed interest: This is exactly as it sounds; a fixed amount of money that is tied to a credit or loan that must be paid together with the principal. This is the most common type of interest for money borrowers, as it is easy to understand and easy to calculate. It is also stable; both the lender and the borrower know the exact obligations tied to a credit or loan account. Learn more about fixed interest from our foundations interest rate and credit risk assignment help experts.
  • Variable interest: Interest rates sometimes fluctuate and this is exactly what happens with variable interest rates. Variable interests are usually pegged to the ongoing movements of base interest rates. In tougher economic times, the base interest rates can decline and as a result, borrowers with loans or credits tied to variable rates will benefit. On the other hand, if the base interest rates go up, the borrower with a variable rate may have to pay more interest. Get expert guidance on variable rates from our foundations interest rate and credit risk homework helpers.
  • Annual percentage rate: This is simply the borrower’s total interest denoted annually on the total cost of his/her loan. Most credit card companies use annual percentage rates to determine interest rates when the borrower agrees to carry the balance on his/her credit card account.
  • The prime rate: This is the interest given to favored customers on loans by banks. Most borrowers love it because it tends to be fairly lower than the usual rates offered to consumers.

Other forms of interests charged on consumers include:

  • The discount rate
  • Simple interest
  • Compound interest

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Why Are Interests Rates Important?

According to our foundations interest rate and credit risk assignment help experts, interest rates play a significant role both for  the lender and for  the borrower.

  • To the borrower, interestrates are the price he/she pays for using the money. It is a little token of appreciation because the lender allowed you to use his/her money.
  • For the lender, the money earned from interest rates can be used to develop other loan plans and increase revenue
  • For the saver or investor, interest rates increase the amount one gets at the end of the saving or investment period

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