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Our Terms of Use

These terms of use guide this platform. These terms describe our engagement with you and the rules to follow when using this website. These terms are meant to improve our engagement with you.

Terms and Conditions

Before using this website, make sure that you read and understand these terms and conditions. The terms and conditions in this section define the rights and responsibilities between us during our engagement period. Note that we assume that you have read and understood all the terms and conditions by seeking our services. If there are sections of these terms that you do not understand, consult our customer care team, and they will help you understand. If by any chance you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you are advised to desist from using this website. This website is governed by the terms and conditions provided here.


Statistics assignment experts is the sole owner of the content provided in this website. We are not in partnership, neither have we allowed anyone to share or sell the information on this website on our behalf. All the content here, including the text, software, videos, logos, images, or any other content found on this website, belong to us. As a client or a general visitor to this website, you cannot share, copy, sell, distribute, or publish found here without written permission from our management team. The permission has been copied to all management members, and it must have been authorized by at least three members of our management. If, by any chance, you are found using our information illegally and without having followed the right procedure in obtaining the information, the law will take its cause. Note that you will be liable for all damages incurred.

Modification of the Terms and Conditions

Statistics assignment experts have the right to modify, change or remove these terms and conditions. We can change these terms and conditions at any time. Note that we have the right to change them without informing you. To ensure that you are updated about any changes, additions, or modifications, you are advised to visit this section regularly. These terms and conditions are meant to improve our interaction with you, and that is why we review them from time to time. If you find the changes not favorable to you, or you fail to agree with the new changes, you are advised to desist from using the website. We ensure that we have our clients at heart when making, improving, or modifying these terms and conditions.

Registration and Termination of Service

This website is a service delivery website. To use the services we offer here, you must create an account with us. When creating an account with us, we ask for certain information from you to effectively offer our services. Note that we do not ask for personal information such as passwords. The information we gather and how we use the information we collect from you is explained in our privacy policy. During the account creation phase, you are expected to be truthful, and you are expected to avail of all the required information. As a user of our services, note that you can terminate your account if you no longer need our services. After termination, you will have access to this website and still go through our policies. However, for you to access the services back, you will be required to register afresh.
On our side, note that we also have the power to terminate our services to you. However, we can only terminate our contract with you if we notice that you have breached our terms and conditions, or it comes to our attention that you are using our website for illegal purposes. In case of termination from us due to your wrong dealings, you will be held accountable for any damages incurred.


You need to know that we may post notices on this website. We may also pass notices to you through the mode of communication you provide to us. However, all the information we pass to you will be about our services and not any other advertisement form. Note that you can also pass notices to us. However, all notices passed to us must be in written form, and they must be sent to us through our official means of communication.


If you provide the information about the service you seek from us late or not as per the contract, we can only deliver the service at our discretion. If by any chance, we completely fail to deliver the service or deliver the service late without a clear explanation, you have every right to cancel the contract. You are expected to submit your complaint to us immediately about the breach of contract. In case of poor work quality, the client is expected to inform us within 48 hours. After 48 hours, we will assume that the client was satisfied with the quality provided, and therefore, he/she will not be entitled to file a breach of contract with us. However, when there is a clear breach of contract, the client will be entitled to a full or part refund of the money they invested in that particular service.

Force Majeure

When a natural calamity causes failure to deliver service, neither party will be held responsible for such an act. Factors outside human control will be treated as such, and therefore, they will not count as a breach of contract. The said factors are factors such as acts of God like floods.


When providing our services to you, we rely on other service providers such as internet providers. It's important to be clear that we will not be held accountable for damages or losses arising in connection with these third-party service providers. Whether it is a loss of goodwill, loss of business opportunities, or loss of profits. We treat third party service providers independently, and so should be the liabilities. If any damages arising from their poor service, the claims will be directed to them directly. When choosing a service provider, we ensure that it is a trusted one and a client who can provide the best protection to all our clients.

Resolution of Disputes

Disputes will first be solved between the involved parties or people representing them. The only time these parties are expected to elevate the disputes is when they cannot agree.

Governing Law

The law governs this website. The law governs all our terms and conditions, as well as the agreements we have with you. In case of disputes, Indian law will apply.

Payments for Services

Our team's services can only be provided through this website. We do not allow our tutors to receive payments independently, and we expect our clients to respect that. We charge our clients per task, and the payment is meant before starting the work. Payments will only be made through our officially provided means of payment. Note that we will not be responsible for your bank's transaction fees or any other payment method you choose to use. As an esteemed client to us, you will be expected to adhere to the terms and conditions provided in this platform. Should we find you using the website for illegal purposes, we will terminate our contract with you and, you will not be eligible for any refunds.

Third-Party Website Links

Our website may include links to third-party websites. These websites offer very different services from what we offer. This means that they do not have similar terms and conditions to us. Once you click such links, you will be redirected to the said websites. If you are interested in the services provided on such websites, it is recommended that you first go through their terms and conditions. We will not be held accountable for any losses or damages incurred while using third-party websites. Note that we have no control over the services they offer.

Posting on this Website

If you have information relevant to our website, you are welcome to share it with our team. If we find it good, we will publish it on our website. However, you will not be expected to see any compensation for such information. Note that posts such as comments on our website will not be treated as confidential information and, therefore, available to the public. Once you agree to post on our website, you automatically transfer the ownership right. We expect that the information you share with us will be free from third party claims.

Unlawful Activities

All the services provided by statistics assignment experts are provided in good faith, and therefore you are expected to use our website in good faith. Should we find you engaging in unlawful activities, we have every right to investigate your activities. Should we find you to have used our website for illegal or unlawful activities, we will decide whether to suspend your account, close it or engage law enforcement regarding your activities.