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Learn about the befits of SPSS in the research industry

SPSS is very popular in the world of statistics. In this article, we will look at the importance of SPSS in research and how it has helped modernize the world of statistics.

The Benefits of SPSS in Research

SPSS is the acronym of Statistical Package for Social Sciences. It is widely used by a number of researchers because it is efficient in intricate statistical data analysis. This software package was first launched by SPSS Inc. in 1968. However, it was later acquired by IBM in the year 2009. That is when it officially became dubbed as IBM SPSS Statistics. The SPSS package has a command language that is English-like, very straightforward and has an extensive user manual. These have made is very popular among researchers in health, marketing, data mining, survey, government entities and education among others.

The Important Functions of SPSS Software Package

SPSS is equipped with four main programs which make it suitable for complex data analysis:

Modeler Program

This program allows researchers to use advanced statistical procedures in building and validating predictive models.

Visualization Designer Program

Researchers can easily and efficiently use their data to develop a myriad of visuals like radial boxplots and density charts.

Statistics Program

This program with a wide range of tools that support a plethora of statistical functions. Some of these functions include bivariate statistics, frequencies, cross-tabulation and many more.

Text Analytics for Surveys Program

Surveyors can use this powerful program to get insights into the responses to the open-ended questions asked during the survey.

Apart from these programs, SPSS is very simple and can be easily understood even by non-technical students. Performing analysis in this package only involves a simple drag and drop process. It gives an excellent representation and accurate results of all the data that has been entered by the researcher.

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