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Quantitative analysis is the financial, business or economic analysis that uses mathematical measurements and calculations, research and statistics modeling to predict or understand certain events. Businesses use quantitative analysis to represent a given reality in numbers. This subject is a core discipline in a myriad of business courses. As a result, students from countries such as the US, UK, Australia, Malaysia, Canada, and New Zealand often need quantitative analysis help. It is for this reason that Statistics Assignment Experts provides expert help to students who need help with their dissertations, essays, coursework, theses, term papers and assignments related to quantitative analysis.

An overview of Quantitative Analysis

The ultimate goal of every business is to make a profit. However, it is no secret that there are potential highs and lows associated with every investment. Businesses conduct quantitative analysis to eliminate the loopholes in an investment. This is done by paying close attention to numbers rather than intangibles.

Concepts in Quantitative Analysis

The Data gathering instruments used are equipped with items that test the measurable characteristics of a population. For example, economic and education status, age, number of children
All the instruments that guide data collection are standardized and pre-tested to ensure the accuracy, validity, and reliability of data. In addition, the normal population distribution curve is preferred over the non-normal distribution
The analyst can organize the data obtained using quantitative analysis methods using figures, tables, and graphs. These tools consolidate large data to show trends and differences or relationships among variables.
To verify the findings or results, the researchers can repeat the quantitative analysis method in another setting. This can be done to eliminate the possibility of making errors and reinforcing the validity of the groundbreaking discoveries

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Time value of money
Chi-square test and T-test
Financial statement analysis
Hypothesis testing analysis
Non-parametric regression analysis
Initial public offering
Globalization of publicly owned companies
Statistics and the logic of inquiry

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