Dissertation Help

Dissertation Help

We have highly experienced statistical specialists, who guide students as well as research scholars throughout their dissertation work. You can discuss your entire dissertation queries related to finding data, selecting a topic, designing surveys, research methods, interpreting results, sample size, any issue related to hypothesis and defining research problems and writing method chapters etc. Our experts will help you at each point without any delay.

Data Analysis for Quantitative Research

Our statistical specialists help students from basic to advanced levels because sometimes researchers and student forget the certain statistical method and formula which they learnt in the class years ago. Most of our customers have shared their experience and they say- while doing a research for dissertation work student always need a statistical specialist because it’s difficult to discuss each and every issue with the instructor directly. Therefore, taking assistance from the statistical specialist help from this website helped me to counter all the issues related to the research and other things.

We help you with Basic Statistics (e.g., ANOVA, statistics modeling, z-scores , statistical ANOVA, paired t-test,  linear regression, regression, correlation, chi-square, and independent t-test) and Advanced statistics (e.g., PCA, multivariate statistics, structural equation modeling,  multivariate ANOVA, General Linear Modeling, MANOVA, factor analysis, SEM, hierarchical linear modeling, HLM, principal component analysis, GLM, path analysis, mixed ANOVA and time-series analysis).

We also help students to analyze SPSS, STATA, SAS, LISREL, EQS, AMOS, MPlus, JMP, and HLM program based data. Our statistical specialist assists students for defining the research problems and hypotheses, specifying the analyses needed to analyze their data, describing the methods to verify their hypotheses, interpreting the resulting findings and actually conducting the statistical tests. We are offering Statistics dissertation help for a long time. All our specialists are well aware of student’s requirements and they are experts in an extensive array of topics. They will help you in data gathering, analysis, reporting, presenting and management.

We assure you to deliver high quality thesis or dissertation done in no time.

Help will provide:

  • Formulating hypotheses
  • Determining a justifiable sample size utilizing power analyses
  • Identifying your dependent and independent variables
  • Designing a survey that answers your research questions
  • Verifying the accuracy of your technical writing, including the use of italics and proper spacing: t(38) = 3.98, p = .032
  • Interpreting the results and formulate conclusions based on your findings
  • Tune up your methodology chapter to add clarity to your study
  • Presentation of your results utilizing tables and graphs
  • Feel confident about your results
  • Prepare for your final oral defense
  • Understand and respond to your committee’s comments and questions

Graduates who worked with us found themselves:

  • Well prepared and more confident in front of their advisors and committees.
  • More clear about their findings/results which helped to write better conclusions and recommendations.
  • Felt self-assured while presenting the studies at my oral examinations.