Online Statistics Help

Online Statistics Help

How many calories do you eat per day?

How far do you live from work?

How many people are there in your family?

To make sense out of this information, a variety of tools and techniques are necessary. Statistics is what enables us to make such information meaningful by providing us with tools for data handling. Statistics is the study of data, and involves acquiring, organizing, and analyzing raw numerical information and presenting it in a more understandable manner.

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How To Acquire Data For Analysis

To get good results, you need to collect the right data to begin with. You should always think about what data sampling method you want to use, as this may affect the end results. The kind of sampling method you choose highly depends on the questions you intend to ask about the population. Below are the most commonly used sampling methods:

  • Simple random
  • Clustered
  • Stratified

Apart from knowing what method you will choose, you also need to know how your chosen sampling method will be conducted. For instance, if you are collecting data about the weight of a given population sample,

  • Will you have the subjects fill in their own weight on a questionnaire?
  • Will you conduct researches throughout the region on which you are researching, weigh different groups of people, and report your findings?
  • Do you have enough resources to conduct the research, like, do you have enough weighing scales?

Understanding your data sampling method and knowing how it will be conducted beforehand can help improve the credibility of your data. Everyone using the data obtained from this study will most likely want to know how you obtained it. To learn more about data sampling methods and how each one is carried out, get statistics help online from our experts.

Types Of Data Samples

There are many types of samples that can be obtained from the above sampling methods. Let’s look at a few important one:

  • Random sample: In this sample, the subjects are chosen through a random process. Any member of the larger population can be chosen to be a subject in the sample. In other words, there is no specific criterion that determines who should or should not be part of the sample.
  • Voluntary response sample: In this sample, the members are not chosen by anyone. They decide by themselves whether they want to be part of the sample or not. Voluntary response sampling isusually not the best method to collect data because the volunteering subjects may not have the data required for research.
  • Convenience sample: Here, selection of the subjects involves picking the individuals that are the easiest to obtain. It’s like buying something from a convenience store because you don’t have time or the means to access the supermarket. Like voluntary response samples, convenience samples may not be worth your while because convenience doesn’t always mean the best.
  • Systematic sample: In this sample, members are selected using a step-by-step approach. It is one of the best sampling methods because researchers can utilize the most effective data collection approach to obtain the data they need.
  • Cluster sample: The objects in this sample are picked randomly from existing groups in the population.
  • Stratified sample: This sample is obtained when a population on which data is being collected is divided into two or more non-overlapping sub-populations.

It is important to understand how these samples differ from each other, as this will help you obtain good data. And as we mentioned earlier, good data is key if you want to obtain excellent results. Our online statistics helpers can assist you in differentiating  these samples apart. Just reach out to us and we will provide remarkable assistance.

How To Organize Data

Sometimes, you can have plenty of data to deal with and if you don’t know how to organize it properly, it can literally get you confused. Careful data organization and graphical representation help you spot trends and patterns in data before you even perform any calculations. However, how data is represented will depend on a number of factors, but the common graphical displays include:

  • Pie charts
  • Circle graphs
  • Bar/pareto graphs
  • Time plots
  • Scatter plots
  • Box and whisker graphs
  • Stem and leaf plots

Our online statistics helpers can provide assistance on this topic to help you understand the different types of graphs in detail and how each one of them is used to accomplish different data presentation objectives.

Applications Of Statistics Today

Statistics is one of the most commonly used disciplines in scientific research today. It provides the best tools for data manipulation, enabling scientists to collect, analyze, present, and make sense of data easily and effectively. Below are some of areas where statistics is utilized in the modern world:

  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Medicine
  • Advertising
  • Demography

If you want to find out how statistical methods are applied in each of these fields, make use of our statistics help online portal. Through this platform, we won’t just explain this topic comprehensively but we will also help you with any stats paper you may have that has proved difficult to handle.

What Topics Do Online Statistics Helpers Cover?

We can provide assistance on a wide variety of statisticstopics including:

  • Statistical problem solving
  • Variance analysis
  • Advanced quantitative methods
  • Correlation
  • Biostatistics
  • Epidemiology analysis
  • Dynamic factor models
  • Data collection, analysis, and presentation
  • Time series analysis
  • Frequency tables
  • Contingency tables
  • Linear regression models
  • Logistic regression models
  • Research methods

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