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We offer elementary statistics help to the students to understand the elementary topics involved in statistics. The features and fundamentals of the relationship between two variables are mainly discussed by us. This article also contains the elementary statistics formulae to help the students to work out their problems. For further information, students can refer to statistical textbooks.

Association amid Two Variables

A variable can be defined as a set of values that keep on changing and to which we can also assign certain numerical measures. As for instance, the age of student, weight, marks, etc.

Experimental Research and Correlation

Experimental research behaves as research designs where for unexpected processes computation is done. We consider more than one variable to determine the effect of a dependent variable. We use experiments to explain the causation and predict the phenomenon. It is a very useful research.

The degree of relationship or the measure of the relationship between two variables is called correlation. It is very useful and is an important measure in statistics. The examples of correlation can be in between height and weight, price and demand, etc.

They are used in the following situation:

  1. When there are time priority and consistency which is a causal relationship
  2. High degree of correlation.

Dependent and Independent Variables:

Students learn from our elementary statistics help about the dependent and independent variables. They are used as mathematical tools in an experiment. It keeps track of what is going on. One can draw a conclusion with the help of both the variables that are related to another. The experimenter can change the independent variable while the dependent variable depends on the independent variable. Any change in the independent variable changes the dependent variable also. Dependent variables are also known as response variables while independent variables are known as explanatory and predictors. For instance, price and demand both have a relationship. Here demand is the independent variable whereas price is the dependent variable. As and when demand increases price also increases and vice-versa. So we can say demand is the explanatory or independent variable while the price is the dependent variable.