Operations Research Homework Help

Operations Research Homework Help

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Following is the list of comprehensive topics in which we offer Homework Help, Assignment Help, Exam Preparation Help and Online Tutoring:

  • Phases in operations research
  • Decision-making under uncertainty and risk
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Linear programming (LP) problems
  • Duality theorem
  • Transportation and assignment problems
  • Non-linear programming
  • Kuhn Tucker conditions
  • Wolfe’s and Beale’s algorithms
  • Analytical structure of inventory problems
  • Economic order quantity (EOQ) formula of Harris
  • Multi-item inventory subject to constraints
  • P and Q- systems with constant and random lead items
  • Queueing models; specifications and effectiveness measures
  • Steady-state solutions of M/M/1 and M/M/c models M/G/1 queue and PollazcekKhinchine result
  • Steady state solutions of M/Ek/1
  • Simulation
  • Feasible, Basic feasible and optimal solution
  • Linear Programming Problem using graphical method
  • Simple method
  • Dual
  • Dual simple method
  • Transportation and assignment problem game theory
  • Pare and mixed strategies
  • 2 x 2, 2xm, and m x n games
  • Queuing system
  • Markov queuing models
  • M\m\1, m\m\1 with limited waiting space
  • M\m\c, m\m\c with limited waiting space
  • Inventory problems and analytical structure
  • Simple deterministic and stochastic models of inventory controls
  • Replacement problems
  • Block and age replacement policies
  • Dynamic programming approach for maintenance problems
  • Replacement of terms with long life
  • PERT and CPM
  • Sequencing and scheduling problems

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