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The software application for quantitative techniques, production or operations management, operation research, and management science study is called POM-QM. In the new variation of the windows software application, QM for Windows, POM for Windows and DS for windows are integrated into the single versatile product as POM-QM for Windows. The POM-QM for Windows is the shareware software application. Students look for POM/QM help for any queries related to windows.

The easiest to use add-in for Excel is Excel OM/QM. It is used to develop Excel spreadsheets for the problems in Quantitative Methods, Management Science, or Operations Management. It is the only add-in that develops custom-sized spreadsheets instead of using preconfigured Excel design templates. Any Windows OS is required by the POM-QM for Windows to operate on the computer system. The latest variation of POM-QM for Windows is currently unknown.

The basic Windows user interface is the visual user interface for the software application. The students who seek POM/QM help know about the basic spreadsheet, word processing program, or discussion packaged in Windows will quickly learn to use the software application. The elementary user interface comprises of the standard menu, status bar, toolbar, and help files of Windows programs. The entry for the information and modification is very simple through spreadsheet-type information editor.

The software application which is established by Prentice-Hall of version-3 is the POM-QM for Windows. The Windows Task Scheduler arranges the job to release the program at different scheduled times. This schedule differs depending on the variation. The stimulation job allows the POM-QM for Windows software application to fix a linear programs issue and then carry out the level of sensitivity analysis.

POM-QM for Windows software application

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