SPSS Tutors

Taylor M


PHD, Statistics, Colorado State University 2016, and MSc. Mathematics Washington University 2014

Expert in Statistics Research

I’m currently a statistics researcher in Colorado and a private Statistics Professor at  Colorado State University. With more than 3 years of experience in this field, I have amassed significant experience in statistics applications.  I have been associated with Statistics Assignment Experts for the last 8 months supporting Masters and PHD scholars with SPSS assignment help as a Statistics practitioner.

I have a vast knowledge of any SPSS related concept.  Besides, I am proficient in principles of hypothesis testing, t-distribution, cumulative distribution, and random variables to mention a few.

Professor, Andrew J

PHD Statistics University of Southern Queens Land, PHD Mathematics Flinders University

Professor University Wollongong of Australia, Researcher, Mathematics Practitioner

My name is Professor Andrew and many of my students love calling me J. I have more than 6 years of expertise dealing with statistics corporate projects and teaching university students on SPSS applications. Besides, I have been appointed as a Students Manager and Tutor at Statistics Assignment Experts for the last one year. I can adequately help you in any topic under SPSS and provide you with top-notch SPSS Assignment Help. I am also proficient in topics such as probability definitions and properties, combanatorics and basic theory notation,  Conditional probability, bivariate distribution to mention a few! I work with minimal supervision and follow ups under all the circumstances. Hire me today!

Smith M


PHD Computational Science and Statistics- Data Science Specialization, Ohio State University

I have extensive experience in computational science and possess a specialization in data Science. I’m currently a researcher and a data science practitioner.  I have worked on different corporate projects on Machine learning models, General ML framework and regression. I have strong skills in time management, creativity, and analytical writing to deliver you high quality solutions with no traces of errors.  With over 7 years of experience in supporting statistics students at different levels of education through SPSS project help, I am currently associated with Statistics Assignment Experts. I can help you in;

  • Linear algebra and distributions
  • Models Comparisons
  • Survival analysis, Time series
  • Deep learning, Neutral networks and more

Pamela Koech

PHD Actuarial Practice, Macquarie University, M.Sc. Applied Statistics Kenyatta University

Professor Applied Statistics, Kenyatta University

I’m an accredited Professor and Statistics consultant in Kenya. As a Statistics professor I have a passion for enhancing students’ educational capabilities so that, they can realize their potential in operational statistical tools such as SPSS. My tutoring at Statistics Assignment Help focuses on stochastic modeling and simulation, Statistical inferences, quantitative risk management or any other topic under applied statistics. I am associated with statistics assignment experts and provide wonderful SPSS homework help.

Andrew J

B.Sc. Statistics, James Madison University

Expert in Statistics

I grew up with my single mum who has been a statistical officer thus developing my passion for statistics at an early age. I’m a statistics graduate with First Class Honors accolades.  Currently I’m pursuing my Master’s degree in statistics and satiating my voracious zeal for the subject at Columbia University. With more than 5 years of experience with data analysis, visualization and manipulation you should expect the best when you outsource me as your SPSS tutor.

I’m highly updated on statistics evaluation conventions, good time manager and honest to work with minimal supervision. Hire me for your project today and stay assured I will deliver you nothing other than a distinction.

Umbridge M

MSc. Biostatistics, Ohio University

Masters Gradate in Biostatistics & Researcher

I am a first-class graduate of Biostatistics and a research scholar at Ohio University. With over 4 years of experience learning Biostatistics, I have amassed extensive experience on the most examinable applications under SPSS. Apart from this, I have been doing research on the most challenging topics under biostatistics requiring SPSS software. More importantly I have improved my expertise on observational study design, advanced principles of statistical inference, Statistical inference on categorical variables to mention a few. I have ideal skills in time management, research and professionalism to ensure we develop robust working relationship now and for future days until you graduate. Hire me today if you are looking for online SPSS tutors!

Joshua D

PHD Educational Psychology and Research, Statistics, Education and Measurement, University Of Arizona

Educational Psychology and Research, Statistics Practitioner

I’m a certified professional in Educational Psychology majoring in Statistics by American Statistical Association (ASA). Besides, I’m a verified private professor at Southern Methodist University. With more than five years’ experience tutoring undergraduate scholars pursuing Educational Psychology and Research, Statistics, Education and Measurement,  I have done quite a lot of SWOT analysis of the students. For that reason I have joined Statistics Assignment Experts to empower the students to grasp basics in this field through SPSS homework help. It’s my dream and passion to see you soar high in this field. Thus, I am ever available to support you when you are stuck.  Hire me and I will extensively help you out!

Sybrill T

M.Sc. Science Innovation in Statistics

My name is Sybrill a social Science Innovation Statistics Intern and tutor at Statistics Assignment Experts. I’m highly intelligent in handling any question on science Innovation related to SPSS. I can quickly and comfortably handle any problem from;

  • Innovation data for Statistical Indicators
  • SPSS assignment help
  • Developing science Technology Projects and more.

Hire me today and I can assure to deliver highly researched and authentic assignment solution which impresses your professor. Thanks!

Brittany H

B.Sc. Mathematics and Statistics, Oxford University

SPSS Expert

Mathematics and Statistics have been my area of interest since when I was young. I love researching on as many problems as possible by helping the students from various educational levels. I help my students get incredible scores in mathematics and statistics using SPSS software. I’m highly flexible to give you the best SPSS project help at any hour of the day. Hire me and affirm my time management skills, research, and creativity!

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