STATA Tutors

Professor Danielle O

Education: Ph.D. in Analytical Bioscience, the UK European University 2015, Masters in Statistics & Mathematics Oxford University 2011

Professor in Analytical Bioscience at the University of England & STATA Practitioner

Hi, my name is Prof. Danielle. I am associated with the University of England as a STATA practitioner.  I had a passion for statistics since I was young. Little did I knew one day I would tutor university scholars in Analytical Bioscience. Within 5 years, I have worked on countless projects using STATA software on data management, analysis, and graphics on specialized data. Since Statistics Assignment Experts handpicked me, I have profoundly offered STATA project help to Ph.D. scholars, to mention a few.  Hire me today and feel free to interact with me!

Zhang Wei

Education: M.Sc. Quantity Surveying, Nanjing University China

Data Scientist & Quantity Surveying Expert

I am a professional quantity surveying and data Scientist freelancer currently handpicked by Statistics Assignment Experts. With more than 3 years of expertise in this domain, I am very versatile and have offered help with a wide range of STATA and quantity surveying applications, among others. I can adequately help organizations and students of any academic level in my areas of specialization. My STATA assignment help is not limited to the following areas. But I offer specialized help with: –

  • Building codes
  • Structural development
  • Project costs determination
  • Sustainability of a project

Tutor Kaylor Morgan

Education: B.Sc. Applied statistics, Ohio University

Private Applied Statistics Tutor

I am an enthusiastic applied statistics tutor and currently associated with Statistics Assignment Experts to mentor more Scholars pursuing Statistics at all educational levels.  With more than 4 years of experience with tutoring statistics students, I have learned how to be an intellectual while handling students with different concept grasping capabilities.  I have incredible integrity and above-average STATA operation skills. I can adequately offer you STATA homework help under data analysis, structural equation modeling, introductory workshop exercises, STATA graphics, to mention a few.

James A

Education: Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from Manchester University, M.Sc. Decision Sciences, 2017

Bioinformatics Graduate

I’m a bioinformatics freelancer and decision sciences tutor. Mainly I specialize in using Online STATA project help. I have experience in the following fields.

  • Have completed over 200 statistics projects with Statistics Assignment Experts
  • Have a portfolio of 150+ projects in bioinformatics
  • Have more than 20+ completed projects in MS Excel

I have excellent research, analytical, and communication skills. I am committed and dedicated to submit you with high-quality work before the deadline. Hire me today!

Professor Jessica A

Professor in Mathematical and Statistical Sciences University of Alberta

Mathematical and Statistical Sciences Professor

I am an experienced Ex-Professor from the University of Alberta in Canada. With 17 years of experience teaching Mathematical and statistical Sciences, I have amassed enough experience on the most examined applications at all educational levels. Besides, I have extensive knowledge of analytical tools, especially STATA. Therefore I can adequately be one of your best STATA tutors. This is on how to write excellent solutions under mathematical and Statistical sciences. Outsource me today; we discuss more!

Christopher K

Education: B.Sc. Statistics, Singapore University of Technology and Design

Statistics Practitioner

More than 3 years of statistical expertise in offering STATA assignment help with Statistics Assignment Experts, I am a coherent statistician with problem-solving skills and a creative mindset. With superior quality expertise with data modeling, ANOVA, STATA homework help, Accuracy and scientific notation, Die Toss, Empirical rule, regression analysis, factor, and sensitivity analysis, and more, I am confident my quality will meet your expectations. I have excellent skills in problem-solving and have attention to detail.   I get ample projects at Statistics Assignment Experts; I am a one-man team.

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